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Instructions for making ModLoader 1.4_01 mods with MCP 2.11
These instructions to make ModLoader mods with MCP apply to:
ModLoader 1.4_01
MCP 2.11 for MC Beta 1.4_01
Now that MCP has ModLoader mappings included again, you don't need to add
them yourself anymore. Add the modloader classes to your minecraft.jar.
Decompile as usual (read the readme if unsure). Ignore the HUNK failed message
about RenderBlocks. Use regular test_game to test.
(For reference, these were the mappings you had to add in previous versions
of MCP to get ModLoader to work. You don't need them anymore.):
Open your conf/minecraft.rgs, add the following lines at the start:
.class ModLoader protected
.method;private ModLoader/* *
.field;private ModLoader/* *
.class BaseMod protected
.method;private BaseMod/* *
.field;private BaseMod/* *
.class mod_* protected
.method;private mod_*/* *
.field;private mod_*/* *


zxddff commented Jul 27, 2014


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