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Why is piracy bad?

Why is piracy bad?

This is a question that I'm not sure most people know the answer to, at least the people from the Jailbreak community who do pirate. From my experience it doesn't seem like most people realize why it is a problem and what it does...

But first, what is piracy?

What is piracy?

To begin with I should probably make sure everybody knows what piracy is right... SOOO if you have no clue what piracy is this section is for you. Even if you think you know what is is you might still wanna read unless you are 100% certain of what piracy is.

Anyway, we have all been in that moment where we wan't something so bad right? Maybe a new iPhone or some AirPods (Unless you are Guilherme Rambo he doesn't need anymore AirPods no matter what he says) And the problem here is you might not have enough money, which sucks I guess, maybe you're in a bad financial position or you're just not old enough to have a job or something similar. Now when it comes to something physical like an iPhone you can't do much about not having enough money, however software somebody may have given that out right, so you go search up whatever you need for example a movie, or a jailbreak tweak and so on, you find it and you download it, and it works everything is good and you didn't have to pay a dime. There's just one catch, that's illegal. And therefore bad idea to try and do. Even if it something small like a porno (who tf buys porno, I mean that is coming from the logic of a guy who doesn't watch porn but still) it is still illegal you may not be put in prison but you still did something illegal, and it still harms people even if you don't realize it.

How does it harm people?

I just got something that normally costs 2$ how can this harm anybody? That is how you may think, the things is, there are reasons for the person to make it paid software, either it is a student who doesn't have time for a job and instead spends his free time on something he likes, or maybe it is a person who really want's to create something useful and uses a lot of free time to do so, and therefore he used time he could've used else where. Now you may not see why this is a problem, most people I explain it to don't, but think of it this way, if I were to spend a lot of time to plant some very good apple tree's and by extent get some good apples, and I were to have spent time and money on it and I offer you one in return for a for a dollar or two but you instead go out to my tree(s) and just take one and leave, that is the same thing which happens here, the developer or designer used their free time to create something and try to get something in return but you prefer not to give something back, so instead you take it for free and they got nothing in return, which instantly just made their time worthless. You may start to realize why this is a problem, the same actually goes for GameStop reselling games, if they sell you a used game all the money for the game goes to them and not the people who made the game therefore making their time useless as well... Same concept.

Any other caveats?

Yeah that is all good and handy dandy but why should I care about that person, not to mention it makes no difference to me? That is a sentence I've heard a lot, or at least something similar, the thing is, why would somebody give you something that they paid for to give to you, think about it, if you pirated some software somebody bought it to give it to you for free, which means they earn nothing... Or do they? When you go ahead and pirate something you are always at risk, the original pirate could easily have made some malware or anything that is malicious and placed it into the pirated software. And you wouldn't even notice, there wouldn't be an easy way to find out if that happened.

Not to mention they could even gather some private information and sell it to someone, and the pirated websites likely has ads to earn money on you.

Fuck it, I'll take the risks...

Sure... Go ahead, I'm just saying it's a super dick move, not to mention some sites may be monitored by your ISP and you may actually get a letter or something similar stating how you did something illegal and have to pay a fee, likely larger than the original price. You may of course use a VPN, which would likely make most of your activity if not all unnoticable but it doesn't change the fact that somebody could report you to the police, nor that you are a total dick...

There is a way to still get the software

Some developers like myself sometimes don't have anything against if you aren't able to get something, to the point where some developers (Including myself) may give a free copy of the software. Which doesn't have chance of malware, it isn't illegal or anything like that. Sure I won't get anything in return, but sometimes knowing that somebody really wants what you made is inspiring, and makes you do more.

So if you ever come into a situation where you're unable to get some software I made contact me, and we might get it sorted, of course not everybody will get that treatment, but some will... Better to try than to pirate.

How will this affect us long term?

Well, if everybody pirated people wouldn't wanna make tweaks, and if no tweaks are being made, well then jailbreaking isn't very fun. 90% of all tweaks which are paid are better than the ones which are free from my experience. This is without counting tweaks which just remove one thing or maybe change one thing, like hiding the home bar and so on.

So in general jailbreaking would die if people didn't stop pirating. However this isn't just jailbreaking, but companies like Marvel won't notice a big difference if you pirate or not, but it still makes you a dick tho...

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