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Last active Aug 11, 2022 — forked from JeffPaine/
[Beautiful Idiomatic Python] Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python #python

Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python

Notes from Raymond Hettinger's talk at pycon US 2013 video, slides.

The code examples and direct quotes are all from Raymond's talk. I've reproduced them here for my own edification and the hopes that others will find them as handy as I have!

Looping over a range of numbers

for i in [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]:
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Last active Jun 22, 2022
[libssh server fingerprints] An analysis of Censys Public Scan 20180807 (only port 22) to estimate the number of servers {potentially} vulnerable to the recent Libssh bug #libssh #hassh
0x4D31 / rdpClient-JA3.csv
Last active Apr 19, 2022
List of JA3 fingerprints for different RDP clients
View rdpClient-JA3.csv
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Unclosed quoted field in line 6.
"os version","rdp client","ja3","ja3Algorithms","note"
"Windows XP SP3","RDC 6.1.7600","c8a0d08d2cbee4bed7cd90e47588ab9b","769,4-5-10-9-100-98-3-6-19-18-99,65281,,",
"Windows 2012","RDC 6.2.9200","bc2874f25a8254edb36147c151527cfa","771,49192-49191-49172-49171-159-158-157-156-61-60-53-47-49196-49195-49188-49187-49162-49161-106-64-56-50-10-19-5-4,0-5-10-11-13-35-23-65281,23-24,0",
"Windows 2008r2","RDC 6.3.9600","e6a4e2358d4eee6122403f3cb835bcbd","771,49192-49191-49172-49171-159-158-57-51-157-156-61-60-53-47-49196-49195-49188-49187-49162-49161-106-64-56-50-10-19-5-4,0-5-10-11-13-23-65281,23-24,0",
"Windows 2012r2","RDC 6.3.9600","3e686105164b7c9a4cbd59142f18a4e7","771,49192-49191-49172-49171-159-158-57-51-157-156-61-60-53-47-49196-49195-49188-49187-49162-49161-106-64-56-50-10-19-5-4,0-5-10-11-13-35-23-65281,23-24,0",
"Windows 7","RDC 6.3.9600","d54b3eb800cbeccf99fd5d5cdcd7b5b5","771,49192-49191-49172-49171-159-158-157-156-61-60-53-47-49196-49195-49188-49187-49162-49161-106-64-56-50-10-19-5-4,0-5-10-11-13-23-652
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Last active May 29, 2020
[Honeytoken Workshop] #honeytoken

CryptoAUS Honeytoken Workshop

Honeytoken {Creation | Distribution | Monitoring}


  • Use honeyλ to create and monitor URL honeytokens automatically
  • Use honeybits to generate honeyfiles and breadcrumbs
  • Set up CanaryTokens