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Bands I've seen live
10x Stick to Your Guns
9x Caliban
8x Heaven Shall Burn
6x Deadlock
6x Neaera
6x Parkway Drive
6x Terror
5x Darkest Hour
5x Emmure
5x H2O
5x The Ghost Inside
5x War from a Harlots Mouth
4x Architects
4x As I Lay Dying
4x August Burns Red
4x Comeback Kid
4x For the Fallen Dreams
4x Trivium
4x Your Demise
3x All That Remains
3x As Blood Runs Black
3x Bleed from Within
3x Bleeding Through
3x Buried in Verona
3x Counterparts
3x Deez Nuts
3x Lionheart
3x Machine Head
3x Sum 41
3x The Word Alive
3x Winds of Plague
2x 50 Lions
2x A Day to Remember
2x Adept
2x Aliens Ate My Setlist
2x All Shall Perish
2x Antagonist A.D.
2x Arsonists Get All the Girls
2x Attila
2x blink-182
2x Born from Pain
2x Breakdown of Sanity
2x Bring Me the Horizon
2x Chelsea Grin
2x Crossfaith
2x Dark Tranquillity
2x Dead by April
2x DevilDriver
2x Evergreen Terrace
2x First Blood
2x For Today
2x HORSE the band
2x Insense
2x iwrestledabearonce
2x Lasting Traces
2x May the Silence Fail
2x Obey the Brave
2x Polar
2x Rise Against
2x Simple Plan
2x Slipknot
2x Stray from the Path
2x The Acacia Strain
2x The Amity Affliction
2x The Browning
2x The Dillinger Escape Plan
2x The Sorrow
2x This Bleeding Soul
2x Unearth
2x Vera Cruz
2x We Came as Romans
2x Wolf Down
1x 3Plusss
1x 30 Seconds to Mars
1x A Plea for Purging
1x Abuse of Power
1x Additional Time
1x Agnostic Front
1x Agrace
1x All for Nothing
1x All the Shame
1x Amaranthe
1x Amon Amarth
1x Any Given Day
1x Apologies, I Have None
1x As Everything Unfolds
1x At Dawn We Rage
1x At the Skylines
1x Backtrack
1x Bad Omens
1x Bad Religion
1x Battery
1x Behemoth
1x Being as an Ocean
1x Beneath the Massacre
1x Betrayal
1x Betraying the Martyrs
1x Biohazard
1x Biters
1x blessthefall
1x Blinded Halo
1x Blowsight
1x Born of Osiris
1x BoySetsFire
1x Broilers
1x Bullet for My Valentine
1x Bury Tomorrow
1x Callejon
1x Cane Hill
1x Cassyette
1x Carnifex
1x Carpathian
1x Casper
1x Children of Bodom
1x Chrono
1x Close to Home
1x Coldburn
1x Cro-Mags
1x Crushing Caspars
1x Daybreakers
1x Death Before Dishonor
1x Deathrite
1x Drain
1x Demon Hunter
1x Der Plot
1x Despised Icon
1x Devil in Me
1x Disclarity
1x Down Eight One
1x Down to Nothing
1x Dream on, Dreamer
1x Duo Jatekok
1x Dying Wish
1x ear-shot
1x Earth Crisis
1x Emil Bulls
1x Empires Fade
1x Equilibrium
1x Erra
1x Eskimo Callboy
1x Every Time I Die
1x Eyes of Solace
1x Eyes Set to Kill
1x Farewell to Arms
1x Final Prayer
1x Fit for a King
1x Frida Gold
1x Frog Leap
1x Galeforce
1x Gallows
1x Get the Shot
1x Ghost
1x Gloomball
1x Gnarwolves
1x Grave Maker
1x Gravity Lost
1x Greaf
1x Green Day
1x Hand of Mercy
1x Hands Like Houses
1x Hatebreed
1x Have Heart
1x Hazen Street
1x Headown
1x Heights
1x HIM
1x Hollerado
1x Hometown Crew
1x House vs. Hurricane
1x Hundredth
1x I Killed the Prom Queen
1x I See Stars
1x I Spit Ashes
1x Ignite
1x Implicit
1x In Flames
1x In Hearts Wake
1x Insomnium
1x Intohimo
1x Iron Chic
1x Jesus Piece
1x Justice for the Damned
1x Krieger
1x Kvelertak
1x Landscapes
1x Like Moths to Flames
1x Lion's Law
1x Loikaemie
1x Lolapaloosa
1x Lyon Estates
1x Man the Change
1x Madball
1x Marionette
1x Memphis May Fire
1x Mil-Spec
1x Mortis
1x Motionless in White
1x Muff Potter
1x Muso
1x My Elegy
1x My Little Rockstar Dream
1x Myra
1x Necrotted
1x Neck Deep
1x Nerve Damage
1x Newdrive
1x Nightrage
1x Nightwish
1x No Bragging Rights
1x No End in Sight
1x Northlane
1x Obituary
1x Ocean Grove
1x Oceano
1x One Without
1x Paerish
1x Pain
1x Pave Paradise
1x Pay No Respect
1x Placebo
1x Polaris
1x Propagandhi
1x Protest the Hero
1x Psyrim
1x Pure Love
1x Purified in Blood
1x Rammstein
1x Reactions
1x Rise to Remain
1x Risk It!
1x Rotting Christ
1x Rotting Out
1x Ruiner
1x Ruthless
1x Salt the Wound
1x Scorpions
1x Second Function
1x Septic Flesh
1x Shai Hulud
1x Sharks
1x Sharp Shock
1x Siamese
1x Silent Planet
1x Silent Screams
1x Silverstein
1x Six Reasons to Kill
1x Sleeping with Sirens
1x Soilwork
1x Sonic Syndicate
1x Sons of Midnight
1x Sorgenkind
1x Spirit of the Future Sun
1x Stone Hearts
1x Subconscious
1x Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky
1x Suffokate
1x Suicidal Tendencies
1x Suicide Silence
1x Sunrise Avenue
1x Structures
1x Swashbuckle
1x Sworn Enemy
1x Tenside
1x The Bouncing Souls
1x The Casting Out
1x The Devil Wears Prada
1x The Disaster Area
1x The Flatliners
1x The Gaslight Anthem
1x The Haunted
1x The Human Abstract
1x The Menzingers
1x The Prophecy²³
1x The Pusher
1x The Take
1x The Unguided
1x The Warriors
1x The Words
1x Thick as Blood
1x Thy Art is Murder
1x Thy Will Be Done
1x Tides Denied
1x Touché Amoré
1x Trapped Under Ice
1x TRC
1x Undertow
1x Upon a Burning Body
1x Useless ID
1x Vanna
1x Veil of Maya
1x Venom Prison
1x Vildhjarta
1x Void of Vision
1x Volumes
1x Waking the Cadaver
1x Walls of Jericho
1x War of Ages
1x We Set the Sun
1x Weezer
1x Whitechapel
1x Wish for Wings
1x Young Guns
1x Zebrahead
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