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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Frontend development is like hosting a dinner party
Backend development is like cooking dinner for yourself at home. You get to setup your kitchen/dev environment how you like, and the constraints are well-know and can be easily controlled for. You get to pick the ingredients and cook them however you like; as long as it comes out well.
Frontend development is like cooking for a dinner party of 100. The design team picks the dish to be cooked. You're cooking a fancy roast with a pasta side dish and salad and cheese to start, but 4% of your guests are vegetarian (ie8) and 2% gluten-free. 1% are blind vegans (web crawlers).
The problem we need to solve is how to deliver the best experience to our variety of guests.
Do we want to serve the same meal to every guest? Than we cannot serve meat or pasta or cheese. We will be forced to constrain the menu of possibility to the lowest common denominator.
Do we want to cook for the meat eaters (optimal experience), and cook a separate meal for our vegetarian guests(mobile)? This way we can optimize the experience for both. This means we'll need to hire another chef. But we can't forget the vegans. What about the gluten-free? Soon we'll need a full kitchen staff.
I argue that we serve our guests an individualized buffet. We cook a set of courses and ask each guest if they can eat each one (feature-testing). If they cannot, they don't eat it. This way we cook for one menu. It's up to the guest to opt-in to the experience to the best of their ability.
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