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The Laughing Man (Ghost in the Shell), 1000 byte SVG :-)
<svg viewBox="-160 -160 360 320" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
<path id="f" d="m123,0a123,123 0,0 1-246,0a123,123 0,0 1 246,0"/>
<g fill="#057">
<circle r="160"/>
<circle r="150" fill="#fff"/>
<text font-size="28" font-stretch="condensed" font-family="Impact"><animateTransform type="rotate" from="360 0 0" to="0 0 0" dur="10s" attributeName="transform" repeatCount="indefinite"/><textPath xlink:href="#f">I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes</textPath></text>
<circle r="115"/>
<circle r="95" fill="#fff"/>
<path d="m-8-119h16 l2,5h-20z"/>
<circle cx="160" cy="0" r="40"/>
<path d="m-95-20v-20h255a40,40 0,0 1 0,80h-55v-20z"/>
<path d="m-85 0a85,85 0,0 0 170,0h-20a65,65 0,0 1-130,0z"/>
<path d="m-65 20v20h140v-20z"/>
<path d="m-115-20v10h25v30h250a20,20 0,0 0 0,-40z" fill="#fff"/>
<path d="m-20 10c-17-14-27-14-44 0 6-25 37-25 44 0z"/>
<path d="m60 10c-17-14-27-14-44 0 6-25 37-25 44 0z"/>
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