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Some important points from the "Fuck off Google" talk by The Invisible Committee at #31c3
an ideology of how the internet constructs a new reality.
claude shannon
von neumann
a world where all forms of politics are controlled by machines, in a
network of self-regulating systems.
an ontology where all life can be flattened as pure messages of
life can be reduced to communication. Set the information free to achieve
the highest level of pure freedom.
1) separating/flattening life by reducing it into communication.
2) controlling and using feedback to reproduce life.
there is no legitimacy in a government where the only form of
participation is by voting.
the practice of government is less and less about national soverienty
government is more about networks and interconnections.
google as an explicitly political entity in that it reappropriates
information in the material world (street view, etc) and privatizes it.
"political economy" is collapsing along with global capitalism and rising is
the internet social network as a more legitimate form of relational
The crisis of trust in existing systems of credit can be supplanted by
actual systems of trust.
I share my geolocation, my health statistics, who i will fuck, i produce a
steady stream of data. A stock of data that is valuable in cybernetic economy.
The tracking of all this information is to corrolate the shared
characteristics of individuals to determine a potential line of actions and
reactions of that individual. This is in order to determine strategies best
useful to control that individuals actions.
People who resist adopting these systems and data collection will immediatly
become suspects as "people with something to hide" and will be subjected to
additional security screening and perhaps travel restrictions.
Anonimity on the internet is a political action against an internet as a tool
for political control.
Transparency/leaks allow us to create a zone of opacity with the internet and
government to limit the user of power over us via the Internet.
The goal of Freedom is not to achieve a goal, but it is the fight against the
status quo itself.
Capitalism is the most profitable organization of techniques into systems.
The engineer is a specialist in techniques, the chief expropriator of
techniques in the service of the capitalist system. He/She makes technology a slave of the capitalist system.
The hacker asks how the techniques work, and experiments with them to explore how the techniques work ethically, what relations with the world it enables or disables. The hacker pulls techniques out of the system in order to free them. The hacker; in asking how the black boxes of technology work, allows us to see the technology not as a fixed environment, but as a world we can shape.
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