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"ISO time" "unixtime" "track name" "track mbid" "artist name" "artist mbid" "uncorrected track name" "uncorrected track mbid" "uncorrected artist name" "uncorrected artist mbid" "album name" "album mbid" "album artist name" "album artist mbid" "application"
"2014-10-24T19:38:40" "1414179520" "Shake It Off" "2df6ebbc-6929-4ed3-9c0b-f4c97ad22f49" "Taylor Swift" "20244d07-534f-4eff-b4d4-930878889970" "Shake It Off" "2df6ebbc-6929-4ed3-9c0b-f4c97ad22f49" "Taylor Swift" "20244d07-534f-4eff-b4d4-930878889970" "Shake It Off" "d9e61c4a-44d2-4fc3-af80-45ce233692ff" "Taylor Swift" "20244d07-534f-4eff-b4d4-930878889970" ""
"2014-10-24T19:42:20" "1414179740" "Bangarang - feat. Sirah" "" "Skrillex" "ae002c5d-aac6-490b-a39a-30aa9e2edf2b" "Bangarang - feat. Sirah" "" "Skrillex" "ae002c5d-aac6-490b-a39a-30aa9e2edf2b" "Bangarang EP" "" "Skrillex" "ae002c5d-aac6-490b-a39a-30aa9e2edf2b" ""
"2014-10-24T19:46:04" "1414179964" "Problem" "" "Ariana Grande" "f4fdbb4c-e4b7-47a0-b83b-d91bbfcfa387" "Problem" "" "Ariana Grande" "f4fdbb4
0xcaff /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Music Data Visualizations
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<link rel="import" href="../core-icon-button/core-icon-button.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-toolbar/core-toolbar.html">
<link rel="import" href="../paper-progress/paper-progress.html">
<polymer-element name="my-element">
p {
font-family: Roboto, sans-serif;
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package main
import (
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The length between one and nine is eight. It would take one division to get the ratio, 3:5.
The point that divides the line segment into the ratio is the point at four.
( x1 + x2 y1 + y2 )
M = ( -------, ------- )
( 2 2 )
( 4 - 2 2 + 8 )