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Somewhat manual, pretty hacky 'toolkit' for breaking XECryption
# Somewhat manual, pretty hacky 'toolkit' for breaking XECryption
with open ("enc.txt", "r") as encfile:'\n', '')
encsplit = encdata.split(".")
#print encsplit
encsplitlen = len(encsplit)
print "Total numbers: {}".format(encsplitlen)
print "Calculated triplets: {}".format(encsplitlen / 3)
pos = 1
triplets = []
while pos < encsplitlen:
triplet = [encsplit[pos], encsplit[pos+1], encsplit[pos+2]]
pos += 3
print "\nActual triplet count: {}\n".format(len(triplets))
def makeKey(triplet):
return int(triplet[0]) + int(triplet[1]) + int(triplet[2])
freq = {}
for triplet in triplets:
key = makeKey(triplet)
if key in freq:
freq[key] = [triplet]
#print freq
print "\nFreq length (unique chars): {}\n".format(len(freq))
biggestFreq = 0
for key in freq.keys():
freqLen = len(freq[key])
print "{} : {}".format(key, freqLen)
if freqLen > biggestFreq:
biggestFreq = freqLen
space = key
def offsetFromSpace(char):
space = ord(" ")
charVal = ord(char)
return charVal-space
decoded = list(triplets)
#space = 794
encKey = space - 32
for index, item in enumerate(decoded):
itemKey = makeKey(item)
itemAsc = itemKey-encKey
decoded[index] = chr(itemAsc)
print decoded
print "".join(decoded)
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