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Amazon Dash Button ARP listener script (not written by me)
import socket
import struct
import binascii
# Written by Bob Steinbeiser (
rawSocket = socket.socket(socket.AF_PACKET, socket.SOCK_RAW,
MAC = '74c24671971c'
while True:
packet = rawSocket.recvfrom(2048)
ethernet_header = packet[0][0:14]
ethernet_detailed = struct.unpack('!6s6s2s', ethernet_header)
arp_header = packet[0][14:42]
arp_detailed = struct.unpack('2s2s1s1s2s6s4s6s4s', arp_header)
# skip non-ARP packets
ethertype = ethernet_detailed[2]
if ethertype != '\x08\x06':
source_mac = binascii.hexlify(arp_detailed[5])
dest_ip = socket.inet_ntoa(arp_detailed[8])
if source_mac == MAC:
print "Dash button pressed!, IP = " + dest_ip
print "Other: " + source_mac + " IP = " + dest_ip
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