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PowerShell Function to handle Moq Setup and Verifies for you!
Creates your Moq.Setups for you!
Provide a method signature to receive an example of a basic, lazy Mock for the method
$myMethodSignature = "
string someToken,
int someIntValue = 10,
bool someBoolValue = false,
TimeSpan delayLookup = default,
CancellationToken cancellationToken
New-MoqMethodConfiguration $myMethodSignature
Another example of how to use this cmdlet
Function New-MoqMethodConfiguration{
$Verify = $false
$outputs = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList
$methodName = $methodSignature.Split('(')[0]
Write-Verbose "found method of name $methodName"
$parms= $methodSignature.Split('(')[1..10].Split("`n").Trim().Replace(')','')
Write-Verbose "found $($parms.Count) parameters"
ForEach($parm in $parms){
if($parm.Length -le 0){continue}
Write-Verbose "processing $parm "
$outputs.Add("It.IsAny<$($parm.Split()[0])>()") | Out-Null
$paramMatcher = $outputs -join ","
if ($Verify){
Write-output ".Verify(m=>m.$($methodName)($paramMatcher), Times.Once)"
Write-output ".Setup(m=>m.$($methodName)($paramMatcher)).Returns..."
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