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export IS_MASTER=$(cat /mnt/var/lib/info/instance.json | jq -r ".isMaster")
export INSTANCE_GROUP_ID=$(cat /mnt/var/lib/info/instance.json | jq -r ".instanceGroupId")
export CLUSTER_ID=$(cat /mnt/var/lib/info/job-flow.json | jq -r ".jobFlowId")
export INSTANCE_ID=$(wget -q -O -
export INSTANCE_GROUP_TYPE=$(cat /mnt/var/lib/info/job-flow.json | jq -r ".instanceGroups | .[] | select( .instanceGroupId == \"${INSTANCE_GROUP_ID}\") | .instanceRole" | tr a-z A-Z)
export CURRENT_TAG_NAME=$(aws ec2 --region ap-northeast-2 describe-tags --filters Name=resource-id,Values=${INSTANCE_ID} | jq -r ".Tags | .[] | select( .Key == \"Name\") | .Value")
aws ec2 create-tags --region ap-northeast-2 --resources ${INSTANCE_ID} --tags Key=Name,Value=${NEW_TAG_NAME}
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