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addEventOnce: function(type, func){
this.addEvent(type, function(){ func(); this.removeEvent(type, arguments.callee) })
return this
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function coin_toss(prob){
return Math.random() > 1 - (prob || 0.5)
3n / gist:81451
Created Mar 18, 2009
Array.each_asynchronously: Works just like Array.each except runs each iteration on a specified delay.
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Works just like Array.each except runs each iteration on a specified delay.
This means that script execution will continue in between each iteration,
rather than halting until the full array has been processed.
- fn: (function) The function to execute on each item in the array. It is
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Script: Event.addEventOnce.js
Extends the Event class (using .implement) with a method to add an event only once.
addEventOnce: function(type, func){
this.addEvent(type, function(e){ func(e); this.removeEvent(type, arguments.callee) });
return this;
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/* css to make <div id="new">NEW</div> into this: */
#new {
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// definition of trackEvent method on a global object
$3N = {
trackEvent : function(category, action, label, value){
if (typeof(pageTracker) == "object") pageTracker._trackEvent(category, action, label, value);
else if(typeof(_gaq) == "object") _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', category, action, label, value]);
3n / onPause.js
Created Jan 13, 2011
defines :delay(time) pseudo for Element.Event in MooTools
We couldn’t find that file to show.
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name: guilloche
script: guilloche.js
description: guilloche
provides: [Guilloche]
3n / gist:967051
Created May 11, 2011
A "blog" "post" about asynchronous script loading and MooTools.
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A lot of talk at JSConf was on the use of modules: AMD, CommmonJS, or otherwise. Since the server-side JavaScript world has this mostly covered, a more heavily discussed topic was bringing the joys of modularity to the client-side. This, of course, is a tricky thing to do since loading scripts requires some sort of relatively slow and possibly asynchronous network request. How does one balance the issues of perceived latency, JS execution (UI blocking), page weight, and code tidiness? I spent some time looking into this and here's my first stab at a solution (no I'm not releasing some open source project shut up).

Real quick: if you don't agree that splitting files to do asynchronous loading is a good idea you should read more.

I code most of my projects in MooTools (including my current project, BankSimple), so modularity is a given for me. MooTools is