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Last active November 1, 2016 01:51
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# use it like this: (import ./fetch-cabal pkgs pkgs.haskellPackages).fetchZip "url" "sha256" "subfolder in archive"
pkgs: haskellPackages:
srcPackage = src: folder:
pkgs.runCommand "src-package"
inherit src;
buildInputs = [ pkgs.cabal2nix ];
mkdir -p $out
cp -r $src/${folder}/* $out
cd $out
cabal2nix . > package.nix
fetch = src: folder: haskellPackages.callPackage "${srcPackage src folder}/package.nix" {};
in {
inherit fetch;
fromGit = url: rev: sha256: fetch (pkgs.fetchgit {
inherit url rev sha256;
fromZip = url: sha256: fetch (pkgs.fetchzip {
inherit url sha256;
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