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package ch.protonmail.htmlcomposer
import kotlinx.serialization.SerialName
import kotlinx.serialization.Serializable
data class HtmlStyle(
val x0: String, // animation-delay
val x1: String, // animation-direction
val x2: String, // animation-duration
val x3: String, // animation-fill-mode
val x4: String, // animation-iteration-count
val x5: String, // animation-name
val x6: String, // animation-play-state
val x7: String, // animation-timing-function
val x8: String, // background-attachment
val x9: String, // background-blend-mode
val x10: String, // background-clip
val x11: String, // background-color
val x12: String, // background-image
val x13: String, // background-origin
val x14: String, // background-position
val x15: String, // background-repeat
val x16: String, // background-size
val x17: String, // border-bottom-color
val x18: String, // border-bottom-left-radius
val x19: String, // border-bottom-right-radius
val x20: String, // border-bottom-style
val x21: String, // border-bottom-width
val x22: String, // border-collapse
val x23: String, // border-image-outset
val x24: String, // border-image-repeat
val x25: String, // border-image-slice
val x26: String, // border-image-source
val x27: String, // border-image-width
val x28: String, // border-left-color
val x29: String, // border-left-style
val x30: String, // border-left-width
val x31: String, // border-right-color
val x32: String, // border-right-style
val x33: String, // border-right-width
val x34: String, // border-top-color
val x35: String, // border-top-left-radius
val x36: String, // border-top-right-radius
val x37: String, // border-top-style
val x38: String, // border-top-width
val x39: String, // bottom
val x40: String, // box-shadow
val x41: String, // box-sizing
val x42: String, // break-after
val x43: String, // break-before
val x44: String, // break-inside
val x45: String, // caption-side
val x46: String, // clear
val x47: String, // clip
val x48: String, // color
val x49: String, // content
val x50: String, // cursor
val x51: String, // direction
val x52: String, // display
val x53: String, // empty-cells
val x54: String, // float
val x55: String, // font-family
val x56: String, // font-kerning
val x57: String, // font-size
val x58: String, // font-stretch
val x59: String, // font-style
val x60: String, // font-variant
val x61: String, // font-variant-ligatures
val x62: String, // font-variant-caps
val x63: String, // font-variant-numeric
val x64: String, // font-variant-east-asian
val x65: String, // font-weight
val x66: String, // height
val x67: String, // image-rendering
val x68: String, // isolation
val x69: String, // justify-items
val x70: String, // justify-self
val x71: String, // left
val x72: String, // letter-spacing
val x73: String, // line-height
val x74: String, // list-style-image
val x75: String, // list-style-position
val x76: String, // list-style-type
val x77: String, // margin-bottom
val x78: String, // margin-left
val x79: String, // margin-right
val x80: String, // margin-top
val x81: String, // max-height
val x82: String, // max-width
val x83: String, // min-height
val x84: String, // min-width
val x85: String, // mix-blend-mode
val x86: String, // object-fit
val x87: String, // object-position
val x88: String, // offset-distance
val x89: String, // offset-path
val x90: String, // offset-rotate
val x91: String, // opacity
val x92: String, // orphans
val x93: String, // outline-color
val x94: String, // outline-offset
val x95: String, // outline-style
val x96: String, // outline-width
val x97: String, // overflow-anchor
val x98: String, // overflow-wrap
val x99: String, // overflow-x
val x100: String, // overflow-y
val x101: String, // padding-bottom
val x102: String, // padding-left
val x103: String, // padding-right
val x104: String, // padding-top
val x105: String, // pointer-events
val x106: String, // position
val x107: String, // resize
val x108: String, // right
val x109: String, // scroll-behavior
val x110: String, // speak
val x111: String, // table-layout
val x112: String, // tab-size
val x113: String, // text-align
val x114: String, // text-align-last
val x115: String, // text-decoration
val x116: String, // text-decoration-line
val x117: String, // text-decoration-style
val x118: String, // text-decoration-color
val x119: String, // text-decoration-skip-ink
val x120: String, // text-underline-position
val x121: String, // text-indent
val x122: String, // text-rendering
val x123: String, // text-shadow
val x124: String, // text-size-adjust
val x125: String, // text-overflow
val x126: String, // text-transform
val x127: String, // top
val x128: String, // touch-action
val x129: String, // transition-delay
val x130: String, // transition-duration
val x131: String, // transition-property
val x132: String, // transition-timing-function
val x133: String, // unicode-bidi
val x134: String, // vertical-align
val x135: String, // visibility
val x136: String, // white-space
val x137: String, // widows
val x138: String, // width
val x139: String, // will-change
val x140: String, // word-break
val x141: String, // word-spacing
val x142: String, // z-index
val x143: String, // zoom
val x144: String, // -webkit-appearance
val x145: String, // backface-visibility
val x146: String, // -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing
val x147: String, // -webkit-border-image
val x148: String, // -webkit-border-vertical-spacing
val x149: String, // -webkit-box-align
val x150: String, // -webkit-box-decoration-break
val x151: String, // -webkit-box-direction
val x152: String, // -webkit-box-flex
val x153: String, // -webkit-box-ordinal-group
val x154: String, // -webkit-box-orient
val x155: String, // -webkit-box-pack
val x156: String, // -webkit-box-reflect
val x157: String, // column-count
val x158: String, // column-gap
val x159: String, // column-rule-color
val x160: String, // column-rule-style
val x161: String, // column-rule-width
val x162: String, // column-span
val x163: String, // column-width
val x164: String, // align-content
val x165: String, // align-items
val x166: String, // align-self
val x167: String, // flex-basis
val x168: String, // flex-grow
val x169: String, // flex-shrink
val x170: String, // flex-direction
val x171: String, // flex-wrap
val x172: String, // justify-content
val x173: String, // -webkit-font-smoothing
val x174: String, // grid-auto-columns
val x175: String, // grid-auto-flow
val x176: String, // grid-auto-rows
val x177: String, // grid-column-end
val x178: String, // grid-column-start
val x179: String, // grid-template-areas
val x180: String, // grid-template-columns
val x181: String, // grid-template-rows
val x182: String, // grid-row-end
val x183: String, // grid-row-start
val x184: String, // row-gap
val x185: String, // -webkit-highlight
val x186: String, // hyphens
val x187: String, // -webkit-hyphenate-character
val x188: String, // -webkit-line-break
val x189: String, // -webkit-line-clamp
val x190: String, // -webkit-locale
val x191: String, // -webkit-margin-before-collapse
val x192: String, // -webkit-margin-after-collapse
val x193: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image
val x194: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image-outset
val x195: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image-repeat
val x196: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image-slice
val x197: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image-source
val x198: String, // -webkit-mask-box-image-width
val x199: String, // -webkit-mask-clip
val x200: String, // -webkit-mask-composite
val x201: String, // -webkit-mask-image
val x202: String, // -webkit-mask-origin
val x203: String, // -webkit-mask-position
val x204: String, // -webkit-mask-repeat
val x205: String, // -webkit-mask-size
val x206: String, // order
val x207: String, // perspective
val x208: String, // perspective-origin
val x209: String, // -webkit-print-color-adjust
val x210: String, // -webkit-rtl-ordering
val x211: String, // shape-outside
val x212: String, // shape-image-threshold
val x213: String, // shape-margin
val x214: String, // -webkit-tap-highlight-color
val x215: String, // -webkit-text-combine
val x216: String, // -webkit-text-decorations-in-effect
val x217: String, // -webkit-text-emphasis-color
val x218: String, // -webkit-text-emphasis-position
val x219: String, // -webkit-text-emphasis-style
val x220: String, // -webkit-text-fill-color
val x221: String, // -webkit-text-orientation
val x222: String, // -webkit-text-security
val x223: String, // -webkit-text-stroke-color
val x224: String, // -webkit-text-stroke-width
val x225: String, // transform
val x226: String, // transform-origin
val x227: String, // transform-style
val x228: String, // -webkit-user-drag
val x229: String, // -webkit-user-modify
val x230: String, // user-select
val x231: String, // -webkit-writing-mode
val x232: String, // -webkit-app-region
val x233: String, // buffered-rendering
val x234: String, // clip-path
val x235: String, // clip-rule
val x236: String, // mask
val x237: String, // filter
val x238: String, // flood-color
val x239: String, // flood-opacity
val x240: String, // lighting-color
val x241: String, // stop-color
val x242: String, // stop-opacity
val x243: String, // color-interpolation
val x244: String, // color-interpolation-filters
val x245: String, // color-rendering
val x246: String, // fill
val x247: String, // fill-opacity
val x248: String, // fill-rule
val x249: String, // marker-end
val x250: String, // marker-mid
val x251: String, // marker-start
val x252: String, // mask-type
val x253: String, // shape-rendering
val x254: String, // stroke
val x255: String, // stroke-dasharray
val x256: String, // stroke-dashoffset
val x257: String, // stroke-linecap
val x258: String, // stroke-linejoin
val x259: String, // stroke-miterlimit
val x260: String, // stroke-opacity
val x261: String, // stroke-width
val x262: String, // alignment-baseline
val x263: String, // baseline-shift
val x264: String, // dominant-baseline
val x265: String, // text-anchor
val x266: String, // writing-mode
val x267: String, // vector-effect
val x268: String, // paint-order
val x269: String, // d
val x270: String, // cx
val x271: String, // cy
val x272: String, // x
val x273: String, // y
val x274: String, // r
val x275: String, // rx
val x276: String, // ry
val x277: String, // caret-color
val x278: String, // line-break
val alignContent: String, // normal
val alignItems: String, // normal
val alignSelf: String, // auto
val alignmentBaseline: String, // auto
val all: String,
val animation: String, // none 0s ease 0s 1 normal none running
val animationDelay: String, // 0s
val animationDirection: String, // normal
val animationDuration: String, // 0s
val animationFillMode: String, // none
val animationIterationCount: String, // 1
val animationName: String, // none
val animationPlayState: String, // running
val animationTimingFunction: String, // ease
val backfaceVisibility: String, // visible
val background: String, // rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) none repeat scroll 0% 0% / auto padding-box border-box
val backgroundAttachment: String, // scroll
val backgroundBlendMode: String, // normal
val backgroundClip: String, // border-box
val backgroundColor: String, // rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)
val backgroundImage: String, // none
val backgroundOrigin: String, // padding-box
val backgroundPosition: String, // 0% 0%
val backgroundPositionX: String, // 0%
val backgroundPositionY: String, // 0%
val backgroundRepeat: String, // repeat
val backgroundRepeatX: String,
val backgroundRepeatY: String,
val backgroundSize: String, // auto
val baselineShift: String, // 0px
val blockSize: String, // 562.353px
val border: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBlockEnd: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBlockEndColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBlockEndStyle: String, // none
val borderBlockEndWidth: String, // 0px
val borderBlockStart: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBlockStartColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBlockStartStyle: String, // none
val borderBlockStartWidth: String, // 0px
val borderBottom: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBottomColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderBottomLeftRadius: String, // 0px
val borderBottomRightRadius: String, // 0px
val borderBottomStyle: String, // none
val borderBottomWidth: String, // 0px
val borderCollapse: String, // separate
val borderColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderImage: String, // none
val borderImageOutset: String, // 0px
val borderImageRepeat: String, // stretch
val borderImageSlice: String, // 100%
val borderImageSource: String, // none
val borderImageWidth: String, // 1
val borderInlineEnd: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderInlineEndColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderInlineEndStyle: String, // none
val borderInlineEndWidth: String, // 0px
val borderInlineStart: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderInlineStartColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderInlineStartStyle: String, // none
val borderInlineStartWidth: String, // 0px
val borderLeft: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderLeftColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderLeftStyle: String, // none
val borderLeftWidth: String, // 0px
val borderRadius: String, // 0px
val borderRight: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderRightColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderRightStyle: String, // none
val borderRightWidth: String, // 0px
val borderSpacing: String, // 0px 0px
val borderStyle: String, // none
val borderTop: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderTopColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val borderTopLeftRadius: String, // 0px
val borderTopRightRadius: String, // 0px
val borderTopStyle: String, // none
val borderTopWidth: String, // 0px
val borderWidth: String, // 0px
val bottom: String, // auto
val boxShadow: String, // none
val boxSizing: String, // content-box
val breakAfter: String, // auto
val breakBefore: String, // auto
val breakInside: String, // auto
val bufferedRendering: String, // auto
val captionSide: String, // top
val caretColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val clear: String, // none
val clip: String, // auto
val clipPath: String, // none
val clipRule: String, // nonzero
val color: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val colorInterpolation: String, // srgb
val colorInterpolationFilters: String, // linearrgb
val colorRendering: String, // auto
val columnCount: String, // auto
val columnFill: String, // balance
val columnGap: String, // normal
val columnRule: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val columnRuleColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val columnRuleStyle: String, // none
val columnRuleWidth: String, // 0px
val columnSpan: String, // none
val columnWidth: String, // auto
val columns: String, // auto auto
val contain: String, // none
val content: String, // normal
val counterIncrement: String, // none
val counterReset: String, // none
val cursor: String, // auto
val cx: String, // 0px
val cy: String, // 0px
val d: String, // none
val direction: String, // ltr
val display: String, // table
val dominantBaseline: String, // auto
val emptyCells: String, // show
val fill: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val fillOpacity: String, // 1
val fillRule: String, // nonzero
val filter: String, // none
val flex: String, // 0 1 auto
val flexBasis: String, // auto
val flexDirection: String, // row
val flexFlow: String, // row nowrap
val flexGrow: String, // 0
val flexShrink: String, // 1
val flexWrap: String, // nowrap
val float: String, // none
val floodColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val floodOpacity: String, // 1
val font: String, // normal normal 400 normal 13.6px / normal sans-serif
val fontDisplay: String,
val fontFamily: String, // sans-serif
val fontFeatureSettings: String, // normal
val fontKerning: String, // auto
val fontSize: String, // 13.6px
val fontStretch: String, // 100%
val fontStyle: String, // normal
val fontVariant: String, // normal
val fontVariantCaps: String, // normal
val fontVariantEastAsian: String, // normal
val fontVariantLigatures: String, // normal
val fontVariantNumeric: String, // normal
val fontVariationSettings: String, // normal
val fontWeight: String, // 400
val gap: String, // normal normal
val grid: String, // none / none / none / row / auto / auto
val gridArea: String, // auto / auto / auto / auto
val gridAutoColumns: String, // auto
val gridAutoFlow: String, // row
val gridAutoRows: String, // auto
val gridColumn: String, // auto / auto
val gridColumnEnd: String, // auto
val gridColumnGap: String, // normal
val gridColumnStart: String, // auto
val gridGap: String, // normal normal
val gridRow: String, // auto / auto
val gridRowEnd: String, // auto
val gridRowGap: String, // normal
val gridRowStart: String, // auto
val gridTemplate: String, // none / none / none
val gridTemplateAreas: String, // none
val gridTemplateColumns: String, // none
val gridTemplateRows: String, // none
val height: String, // 562.353px
val hyphens: String, // manual
val imageRendering: String, // auto
val inlineSize: String, // 424.118px
val isolation: String, // auto
val justifyContent: String, // normal
val justifyItems: String, // normal
val justifySelf: String, // auto
val left: String, // auto
val letterSpacing: String, // normal
val lightingColor: String, // rgb(255, 255, 255)
val lineBreak: String, // auto
val lineHeight: String, // normal
val listStyle: String, // disc outside none
val listStyleImage: String, // none
val listStylePosition: String, // outside
val listStyleType: String, // disc
val margin: String, // 0px
val marginBlockEnd: String, // 0px
val marginBlockStart: String, // 0px
val marginBottom: String, // 0px
val marginInlineEnd: String, // 0px
val marginInlineStart: String, // 0px
val marginLeft: String, // 0px
val marginRight: String, // 0px
val marginTop: String, // 0px
val marker: String,
val markerEnd: String, // none
val markerMid: String, // none
val markerStart: String, // none
val mask: String, // none
val maskType: String, // luminance
val maxBlockSize: String, // none
val maxHeight: String, // none
val maxInlineSize: String, // none
val maxWidth: String, // none
val maxZoom: String,
val minBlockSize: String, // 100%
val minHeight: String, // 100%
val minInlineSize: String, // 0px
val minWidth: String, // 0px
val minZoom: String,
val mixBlendMode: String, // normal
val objectFit: String, // fill
val objectPosition: String, // 50% 50%
val offset: String, // none 0px auto 0deg
val offsetDistance: String, // 0px
val offsetPath: String, // none
val offsetRotate: String, // auto 0deg
val opacity: String, // 1
val order: String, // 0
val orientation: String,
val orphans: String, // 2
val outline: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0) none 0px
val outlineColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val outlineOffset: String, // 0px
val outlineStyle: String, // none
val outlineWidth: String, // 0px
val overflow: String, // visible
val overflowAnchor: String, // auto
val overflowWrap: String, // normal
val overflowX: String, // visible
val overflowY: String, // visible
val overscrollBehavior: String, // auto auto
val overscrollBehaviorX: String, // auto
val overscrollBehaviorY: String, // auto
val padding: String, // 0px
val paddingBlockEnd: String, // 0px
val paddingBlockStart: String, // 0px
val paddingBottom: String, // 0px
val paddingInlineEnd: String, // 0px
val paddingInlineStart: String, // 0px
val paddingLeft: String, // 0px
val paddingRight: String, // 0px
val paddingTop: String, // 0px
val page: String,
val pageBreakAfter: String, // auto
val pageBreakBefore: String, // auto
val pageBreakInside: String, // auto
val paintOrder: String, // normal
val perspective: String, // none
val perspectiveOrigin: String, // 212.059px 281.176px
val placeContent: String, // normal normal
val placeItems: String, // normal normal
val placeSelf: String, // auto auto
val pointerEvents: String, // auto
val position: String, // static
val quotes: String,
val r: String, // 0px
val resize: String, // none
val right: String, // auto
val rowGap: String, // normal
val rx: String, // auto
val ry: String, // auto
val scrollBehavior: String, // auto
val scrollMargin: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginBlock: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginBlockEnd: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginBlockStart: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginBottom: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginInline: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginInlineEnd: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginInlineStart: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginLeft: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginRight: String, // 0px
val scrollMarginTop: String, // 0px
val scrollPadding: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingBlock: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingBlockEnd: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingBlockStart: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingBottom: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingInline: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingInlineEnd: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingInlineStart: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingLeft: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingRight: String, // auto
val scrollPaddingTop: String, // auto
val scrollSnapAlign: String, // none
val scrollSnapStop: String, // normal
val scrollSnapType: String, // none
val shapeImageThreshold: String, // 0
val shapeMargin: String, // 0px
val shapeOutside: String, // none
val shapeRendering: String, // auto
val size: String,
val speak: String, // normal
val src: String,
val stopColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val stopOpacity: String, // 1
val stroke: String, // none
val strokeDasharray: String, // none
val strokeDashoffset: String, // 0px
val strokeLinecap: String, // butt
val strokeLinejoin: String, // miter
val strokeMiterlimit: String, // 4
val strokeOpacity: String, // 1
val strokeWidth: String, // 1px
val tabSize: String, // 8
val tableLayout: String, // fixed
val textAlign: String, // start
val textAlignLast: String, // auto
val textAnchor: String, // start
val textCombineUpright: String, // none
val textDecoration: String, // none solid rgb(0, 0, 0)
val textDecorationColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val textDecorationLine: String, // none
val textDecorationSkipInk: String, // auto
val textDecorationStyle: String, // solid
val textIndent: String, // 0px
val textOrientation: String, // mixed
val textOverflow: String, // clip
val textRendering: String, // auto
val textShadow: String, // none
val textSizeAdjust: String, // 100%
val textTransform: String, // none
val textUnderlinePosition: String, // auto
val top: String, // auto
val touchAction: String, // auto
val transform: String, // none
val transformBox: String, // view-box
val transformOrigin: String, // 212.059px 281.176px
val transformStyle: String, // flat
val transition: String, // all 0s ease 0s
val transitionDelay: String, // 0s
val transitionDuration: String, // 0s
val transitionProperty: String, // all
val transitionTimingFunction: String, // ease
val unicodeBidi: String, // normal
val unicodeRange: String,
val userSelect: String, // auto
val userZoom: String,
val vectorEffect: String, // none
val verticalAlign: String, // baseline
val visibility: String, // visible
val webkitAlignContent: String, // normal
val webkitAlignItems: String, // normal
val webkitAlignSelf: String, // auto
val webkitAnimation: String, // none 0s ease 0s 1 normal none running
val webkitAnimationDelay: String, // 0s
val webkitAnimationDirection: String, // normal
val webkitAnimationDuration: String, // 0s
val webkitAnimationFillMode: String, // none
val webkitAnimationIterationCount: String, // 1
val webkitAnimationName: String, // none
val webkitAnimationPlayState: String, // running
val webkitAnimationTimingFunction: String, // ease
val webkitAppRegion: String, // none
val webkitAppearance: String, // none
val webkitBackfaceVisibility: String, // visible
val webkitBackgroundClip: String, // border-box
val webkitBackgroundOrigin: String, // padding-box
val webkitBackgroundSize: String, // auto
val webkitBorderAfter: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderAfterColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderAfterStyle: String, // none
val webkitBorderAfterWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderBefore: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderBeforeColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderBeforeStyle: String, // none
val webkitBorderBeforeWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderBottomLeftRadius: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderBottomRightRadius: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderEnd: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderEndColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderEndStyle: String, // none
val webkitBorderEndWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderHorizontalSpacing: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderImage: String, // none
val webkitBorderRadius: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderStart: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderStartColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitBorderStartStyle: String, // none
val webkitBorderStartWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderTopLeftRadius: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderTopRightRadius: String, // 0px
val webkitBorderVerticalSpacing: String, // 0px
val webkitBoxAlign: String, // stretch
val webkitBoxDecorationBreak: String, // slice
val webkitBoxDirection: String, // normal
val webkitBoxFlex: String, // 0
val webkitBoxOrdinalGroup: String, // 1
val webkitBoxOrient: String, // horizontal
val webkitBoxPack: String, // start
val webkitBoxReflect: String, // none
val webkitBoxShadow: String, // none
val webkitBoxSizing: String, // content-box
val webkitClipPath: String, // none
val webkitColumnBreakAfter: String, // auto
val webkitColumnBreakBefore: String, // auto
val webkitColumnBreakInside: String, // auto
val webkitColumnCount: String, // auto
val webkitColumnGap: String, // normal
val webkitColumnRule: String, // 0px none rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitColumnRuleColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitColumnRuleStyle: String, // none
val webkitColumnRuleWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitColumnSpan: String, // none
val webkitColumnWidth: String, // auto
val webkitColumns: String, // auto auto
val webkitFilter: String, // none
val webkitFlex: String, // 0 1 auto
val webkitFlexBasis: String, // auto
val webkitFlexDirection: String, // row
val webkitFlexFlow: String, // row nowrap
val webkitFlexGrow: String, // 0
val webkitFlexShrink: String, // 1
val webkitFlexWrap: String, // nowrap
val webkitFontFeatureSettings: String, // normal
val webkitFontSizeDelta: String,
val webkitFontSmoothing: String, // auto
val webkitHighlight: String, // none
val webkitHyphenateCharacter: String, // auto
val webkitJustifyContent: String, // normal
val webkitLineBreak: String, // auto
val webkitLineClamp: String, // none
val webkitLocale: String, // auto
val webkitLogicalHeight: String, // 562.353px
val webkitLogicalWidth: String, // 424.118px
val webkitMarginAfter: String, // 0px
val webkitMarginAfterCollapse: String, // collapse
val webkitMarginBefore: String, // 0px
val webkitMarginBeforeCollapse: String, // collapse
val webkitMarginBottomCollapse: String, // collapse
val webkitMarginCollapse: String,
val webkitMarginEnd: String, // 0px
val webkitMarginStart: String, // 0px
val webkitMarginTopCollapse: String, // collapse
val webkitMask: String,
val webkitMaskBoxImage: String, // none
val webkitMaskBoxImageOutset: String, // 0px
val webkitMaskBoxImageRepeat: String, // stretch
val webkitMaskBoxImageSlice: String, // 0 fill
val webkitMaskBoxImageSource: String, // none
val webkitMaskBoxImageWidth: String, // auto
val webkitMaskClip: String, // border-box
val webkitMaskComposite: String, // source-over
val webkitMaskImage: String, // none
val webkitMaskOrigin: String, // border-box
val webkitMaskPosition: String, // 0% 0%
val webkitMaskPositionX: String, // 0%
val webkitMaskPositionY: String, // 0%
val webkitMaskRepeat: String, // repeat
val webkitMaskRepeatX: String,
val webkitMaskRepeatY: String,
val webkitMaskSize: String, // auto
val webkitMaxLogicalHeight: String, // none
val webkitMaxLogicalWidth: String, // none
val webkitMinLogicalHeight: String, // 100%
val webkitMinLogicalWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitOpacity: String, // 1
val webkitOrder: String, // 0
val webkitPaddingAfter: String, // 0px
val webkitPaddingBefore: String, // 0px
val webkitPaddingEnd: String, // 0px
val webkitPaddingStart: String, // 0px
val webkitPerspective: String, // none
val webkitPerspectiveOrigin: String, // 212.059px 281.176px
val webkitPerspectiveOriginX: String,
val webkitPerspectiveOriginY: String,
val webkitPrintColorAdjust: String, // economy
val webkitRtlOrdering: String, // logical
val webkitRubyPosition: String, // before
val webkitShapeImageThreshold: String, // 0
val webkitShapeMargin: String, // 0px
val webkitShapeOutside: String, // none
val webkitTapHighlightColor: String, // rgba(51, 181, 229, 0.4)
val webkitTextCombine: String, // none
val webkitTextDecorationsInEffect: String, // none
val webkitTextEmphasis: String,
val webkitTextEmphasisColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitTextEmphasisPosition: String, // over right
val webkitTextEmphasisStyle: String, // none
val webkitTextFillColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitTextOrientation: String, // vertical-right
val webkitTextSecurity: String, // none
val webkitTextSizeAdjust: String, // 100%
val webkitTextStroke: String,
val webkitTextStrokeColor: String, // rgb(0, 0, 0)
val webkitTextStrokeWidth: String, // 0px
val webkitTransform: String, // none
val webkitTransformOrigin: String, // 212.059px 281.176px
val webkitTransformOriginX: String,
val webkitTransformOriginY: String,
val webkitTransformOriginZ: String,
val webkitTransformStyle: String, // flat
val webkitTransition: String, // all 0s ease 0s
val webkitTransitionDelay: String, // 0s
val webkitTransitionDuration: String, // 0s
val webkitTransitionProperty: String, // all
val webkitTransitionTimingFunction: String, // ease
val webkitUserDrag: String, // auto
val webkitUserModify: String, // read-only
val webkitUserSelect: String, // auto
val webkitWritingMode: String, // horizontal-tb
val whiteSpace: String, // normal
val widows: String, // 2
val width: String, // 424.118px
val willChange: String, // auto
val wordBreak: String, // normal
val wordSpacing: String, // 0px
val wordWrap: String, // normal
val writingMode: String, // horizontal-tb
val x: String, // 0px
val y: String, // 0px
val zIndex: String, // auto
val zoom: String // 1
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