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Paul Sweeney 8bitDesigner

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  • Los Angeles
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* {
box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 10px #FF009A;
width: auto;
color: #FFF;
background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) url( repeat;
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set -e
apt-get update -q
echo iptables-persistent iptables-persistent/autosave_v4 boolean true | debconf-set-selections
echo iptables-persistent iptables-persistent/autosave_v6 boolean true | debconf-set-selections
apt-get install -qy openvpn curl iptables-persistent
cd /etc/openvpn
[ -f dh.pem ] || openssl dhparam -out dh.pem 2048
8bitDesigner / _usage.js
Last active December 21, 2015 05:08
Properly inheriting objects in Javasacript
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function Child() {;
extends(Child, Parent);
8bitDesigner / .powrc
Last active December 28, 2015 22:09 — forked from nbibler/gist:5307941
Everything you need to use RVM _sanely_.
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if [ -f ".rvmrc" ]; then
source ".rvmrc"
robrighter / gist:897565
Created April 1, 2011 00:59
Walk a JSON/Javascript tree to grab all values for a given key
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function traverse(obj,func, parent) {
for (i in obj){
if (obj[i] instanceof Object && !(obj[i] instanceof Array)) {
traverse(obj[i],func, i);
function getPropertyRecursive(obj, property){
8bitDesigner /
Created January 26, 2016 02:41 — forked from jaredtibs/
Youtube Data Checker

Data integrity is so important. We need your help to make sure we've got it.

You've received two different sets of data, each claiming to be the reliable source of truth. Write a ruby command line tool that can parse the two sets of data and output any discrepancies.

The data sits in two CSV files, each with three columns:

Account Email, YouTube Channel, Subscriber Count

You can assume the account emails are the same between files and reliable.

turtlesoupy /
Created September 21, 2012 06:41
Minimal example of a gracefully restarting node.js process
express = require 'express'
gracefullyExiting = false
app = express.createServer()
app.use (req, res, next) ->
return next() unless gracefullyExiting
res.setHeader "Connection", "close"
res.send 502, "Server is in the process of restarting."
nbibler / gist:5307941
Last active October 7, 2021 09:38
A .powrc file which works with RVM's .rvmrc or .ruby-version (+ .ruby-gemset) configuration files.
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if [ -f "$rvm_path/scripts/rvm" ]; then
source "$rvm_path/scripts/rvm"
if [ -f ".rvmrc" ]; then
source ".rvmrc"
if [ -f ".ruby-version" ]; then
rvm use `cat .ruby-version`
skout23 / logs_insights_queries.txt
Created February 11, 2019 19:48
Scratch Pad ideas for Cloudtrail queries using AWS Cloudwatch Logs Insights
View logs_insights_queries.txt
filter eventName="ConsoleLogin"
| stats count(*) as eventCount by userIdentity.userName, sourceIPAddress
| sort eventCount desc
filter not sourceIPAddress =~ /^(?i) and userIdentity.userName =~/^(?i)\w/
| stats count(*) as eventCount by eventName, userIdentity.userName, sourceIPAddress
| sort eventCount desc
filter eventName="ConsoleLogin"
BPScott /
Last active January 17, 2023 14:24
Github suggestion: Per-organization email overrides

This totally happened, y'all can stop +1ing this now. GitHub Blog post. Direct link to settings where you can set this.

#Per-organization / per-repo email overrides - A feature suggestion

Here the concepts "organization" and "user" are interchangeable, I'm talking about an entity that owns a repo, whether it is jQuery or John Resig. I'll stick to using organization as it best represents my original use-case.