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Simple Jekyll tag which displays the notices in a given feed.

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require 'date'
require 'ostatus'
module Jekyll
class RenderOStatus < Liquid::Tag
def render(context)
site = context.registers[:site]
feed = OStatus::Feed.from_url(site.config['ostatus_feed'])
result = "<h2>#{}'s microblog</h2>"
result << "<ul class=\"ostatus\">"
feed.entries.each do |entry|
result << "<li>#{entry.content}</li>"
result << "</ul>"
Liquid::Template.register_tag('ostatus', Jekyll::RenderOStatus)

Have you got a README for implementing it?

Not really, but i don't think you need one. Just look at a few other jekyll tags and maybe at the tests or source of . If you just want to use it on your jekyll site put it in your _plugins directory (see but keep in mind that it generates a static html file when you run jekyll, no live updates or anything like that. Any more specific questions?

And it needs ostatus_feed in your _config.yml set to your ostatus atom feed.

I've found another solution for my needs, but I'll bear that one in mind.
I'll integrate that later with another feed

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