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linkify @mentions and #hashtags in a tweet

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This should be a byte shorter:

function(a){return a.replace(/[@#]\w+/g,function(b,c){c="";return"//"+(b[a="search"]("#")?c:a+"."+c+a+"?q=")+b)})}

Good catch! Fixed. That byte may be what we need to fix @mention links from including the @.

Awesome work Jed, although I have some changes:
1) It matches email address too, so need \B to indicate a word boundary
2) It contains the @ in the mention URL (which works, but it isn't perfect)

I've made some changes to fix these issues and it comes in at 138 bytes:

function(a){return a.replace(/\B[@#]\w+/g,function(b){return'//'+(b[a='search']('#')?'':a+'?q=%23')+b.substring(1))})}

ha, who tweets email addresses?

(but seriously, thanks! fixed.)

You need to use \B instead of \b. \b matches boundaries where a word and a non-word character met (or vice versa). For example, ''.replace(/\b/g,'|') returns |example|@|example|.|com|, making all boundaries visible. In your case, you need it the other way around. There should not be a boundary in front of the @. Hope that helps.

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