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Simple Caesar Cipher Python decryption function.
import string
from time import sleep
alphabet = string.ascii_lowercase # "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
def decrypt():
print("Welcome to Caesar Cipher Decryption.\n")
encrypted_message = input("Enter the message you would like to decrypt: ").strip()
key = int(input("Enter key to decrypt: "))
decrypted_message = ""
for c in encrypted_message:
if c in alphabet:
position = alphabet.find(c)
new_position = (position - key) % 26
new_character = alphabet[new_position]
decrypted_message += new_character
decrypted_message += c
print("\nDecrypting your message...\n")
sleep(2) # give an appearance of doing something complicated
print("Stand by, almost finished...\n")
sleep(2) # more of the same
print("Your decrypted message is:\n")
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