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// Begain MarketOrders Access Key
$MarketOrders_url = "".$MarketOrders_keyID."&vcode=".$MarketOrders_vcode."&characterID=".$MarketOrders_characterID."";
$MarketOrders_file= file_get_contents($MarketOrders_url);
$MarketOrders_xml = simplexml_load_string($MarketOrders_file);
// End MarketOrders Access Key
foreach ($MarketOrders_xml->result->rowset[0] as $MarketOrders)
$TypeName_url = "". $MarketOrders['typeID'] ."";
$TypeName_file= file_get_contents($TypeName_url);
$TypeName_xml = simplexml_load_string($TypeName_file);
foreach ($TypeName_xml->result->rowset[0] as $TypeName)
print $TypeName['typeName']."<br>";
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