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Zenhub Getting started guide

We're using Zenhub for project management it's optional but it will help to keep track of development activities.

The browser extenison is recommended as you can stay on Github during work with Zenhub.

Pipelines (lanes of development)

At the moment, there are 7 pipelines. A brief explanation to each lane:

New Issues

Every created Github issue will start in this pipeline. They're staying there until they are sorted into another pipeline.


For issues with lower priority and don't require large attention e.g. topics that aren't clear how they should be implemented will be there.


Contains all issues that we need to implement but we haven't started yet. So if you'd like to work on an issue check the backlog then check the communication in the issue and if nobody is activly working on it - ask or mention with a comment that you're on it.

In Progress

Like the name already saying that are the currently active tasks. If you're seeing that an issue is long running check if the collaborator needs help to solve the issue.

If the issue is not that important we'll move tasks back to Backlog if they're not done with-in two Months.

Screenshot of the browser extension


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