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The Customize Windows Übersicht Widget
# This is a simple example Widget, written in CoffeeScript, to get you started
# with Übersicht. For the full documentation please visit:
# You can modify this widget as you see fit, or simply delete this file to
# remove it.
# this is the shell command that gets executed every time this widget refreshes
command: "curl -4fNs"
# the refresh frequency in milliseconds
refreshFrequency: 43200000
# render gets called after the shell command has executed. The command's output
# is passed in as a string. Whatever it returns will get rendered as HTML.
render: (output) -> """
<h1>Hi From TheCustomizeWindows</h1>
<p>Server IP:</p>
<div class='ip_address'></div>
style: """
background: rgba(#fff, 0.50) url('') no-repeat 50% 20px
background-size: 100px 100px
border-radius: 1px
border: 1px solid rgba(#fff, 0.50)
box-sizing: border-box
color: #141f33
font-family: Helvetica Neue
font-weight: 300
left: 50%
line-height: 1.5
margin-left: -170px
padding: 120px 20px 20px
top: 10%
width: 340px
text-align: justify
font-size: 20px
font-weight: 300
margin: 16px 0 8px
background: #ad7a7c
color: #fff
display: block
font-size: 16px
font-style: italic
font-weight: 200
margin: 12px -20px
padding: 8px 20px
font-weight: 400
font-style: normal
display: block
/*border: 1px solid #fff
text-shadow: 0 0 1px rgba(#000, 0.5)
background: rgba(#fff, 0.1)
font-size: 24px
font-weight: 100
padding: 4px 6px 4px 6px
content: 'Public IP'
position: absolute
left: 0
top: -14px
font-size: 10px
font-weight: 500
update: (output, domEl) ->
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