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# *****************************************************************************
# Copyright (c) 2017, 2019 IBM Corporation and other Contributors.
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# *****************************************************************************
import time
import sys
import uuid
import argparse
import ibmiotf.device
except ImportError:
# This part is only required to run the sample from within the samples
# directory when the module itself is not installed.
# If you have the module installed, just use "import ibmiotf.device"
import os
import inspect
cmd_subfolder = os.path.realpath(
os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.split(inspect.getfile(inspect.currentframe()))[0], "../../src"))
if cmd_subfolder not in sys.path:
sys.path.insert(0, cmd_subfolder)
import ibmiotf.device
def commandProcessor(cmd):
print("Command received: %s" %
authMethod = None
# Initialize the properties we need
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
# Primary Options
parser.add_argument("-o", "--organization", required=False, default="quickstart")
parser.add_argument("-T", "--typeId", required=False, default="simpleDev")
parser.add_argument("-I", "--deviceId", required=False, default=str(uuid.uuid4()))
parser.add_argument("-t", "--token", required=False, default=None, help="authentication token")
parser.add_argument("-c", "--cfg", required=False, default=None, help="configuration file")
parser.add_argument("-E", "--event", required=False, default="event", help="type of event to send")
"-N", "--nummsgs", required=False, type=int, default=1, help="send this many messages before disconnecting"
parser.add_argument("-D", "--delay", required=False, type=float, default=1, help="number of seconds between msgs")
args, unknown = parser.parse_known_args()
if args.token:
authMethod = "token"
# Initialize the device client.
import wiotp
if args.cfg is not None:
deviceOptions = wiotp.sdk.device.parseConfigFile(args.cfg)
deviceOptions = {
"identity": {"orgId": args.organization, "typeId": args.typeId, "deviceId": args.deviceId},
"auth": {"token": args.token},
deviceCli = wiotp.sdk.device.DeviceClient(deviceOptions)
deviceCli.commandCallback = commandProcessor
except Exception as e:
print("Caught exception connecting device: %s" % str(e))
# Connect and send datapoint(s) into the cloud
for x in range(0, args.nummsgs):
data = {"simpledev": "ok", "x": x}
def myOnPublishCallback():
print("Confirmed event %s received by IoTF\n" % x)
success = deviceCli.publishEvent(args.event, "json", data, qos=0, onPublish=myOnPublishCallback)
if not success:
print("Not connected to IoTF")
# Disconnect the device and application from the cloud
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