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Cyph — Next-gen Keybase alternative — Special invite
Ryan Lester <>
Sat, 8 Aug, 04:12 (5 days ago)
to Gareth
Hey Gareth,
You've probably heard by now that Keybase was acquired by Zoom.
Many Keybase users are now looking for alternatives as a result, primarily due to a lack of trust in the new ownership to maintain high privacy standards. However, no single solution has so far stood out from the crowd; instead, users are faced with the prospect of setting up a hodgepodge of independent solutions.
Keybase is great, but a full alternative is clearly needed. Cyph's features and general architecture are similar in many ways to Keybase, plus/minus a few features. Here are some of the extra goodies you get with Cyph:
* Voice/video calling (with group support)
* Bitcoin wallet
* Social networking (like Twitter, but all posts are signed + optionally encrypted)
* Generate and/or access your PGP keys from any device
See our blog post here for a more detailed comparison, including the major security and usability benefits afforded by our patented and open technology.
As to why I'm reaching out: I would like to offer you an invite to Cyph!
👉 Your free invite code 👈 includes:
Skipping the beta waitlist
Your username @kline already reserved
Your PGP public key already imported
Cofounder & CEO of Cyph
P.S. You're not on a list. I got your address from your public key and emailed you from my personal machine. If you don't want to hear from me again, just ignore this.
Gareth Pulham <>
Sat, 8 Aug, 04:14 (5 days ago)
to Ryan
> * Generate and/or access your PGP keys from any device
Hi Ryan,
What do you mean by generating and accessing PGP keys from any device?
On 08/08/2020 04:12, Ryan Lester wrote:
Hi Gareth,
Cyph can create new PGP keys for you and securely manage and store your private keys in our secure cloud (E2EE), allowing you to access and use them in any of your devices.
Please let me know if you need more clarification and feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or issues.
Gareth Pulham <>
21:18 (11 minutes ago)
to Ryan
>store private keys in the cloud
you're an idiot.
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