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dsurendran commented Aug 5, 2018

Hello Adam,

What is the ideal use case to use Reactive Extensions (RxJava/RxJS)?
Most of the projects are simple CRUD operations of reading from DB (or aggregate data from two/three different source at max) and populate a Single Page App (forms/table/graphs). How does Rx help in these projects?


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ScottHamiltonSite commented Aug 6, 2018

Hi Adam,

I'm starting a Java EE 7 project that will need to process messages from a JMS provider. The app needs to be able to determine the message type, then completely parse, validate, and persist each message before displaying certain attributes to a HTML5 front end. There are over 100 message types (representing various sensor data) and somewhat complex business rules on how to handle chunks of missing or conflicting data. The messages will usually come in at a rate of a few per second, though sometimes there will be bursts of higher volume. Can you please go over any architectural/design considerations or recommendations for building something like this?

Also, any special considerations on how to test performance of microservices - either individually or app as a whole?


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