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imge-net commented Apr 24, 2022

Hii Adam, There are serious performance problems with recursive structures in JSF composite component, do you have any alternative suggestions?

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dempile commented Apr 24, 2022

Hi Adam,
My application uses a Postgres database. I want to cluster the database, but Postgres handle only active-passive configuration. How can I configure my application to make INSERT and UPDATE go to the master node, and SELECT queries redirected to other replica nodes in order to reduce load to the master.

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HoschiAndre commented Apr 26, 2022

Hi Adam,

would you mind to implement a quick Quarkus JAX-RS resource with multipart to upload and download an image, i.e. a jpg file?

I followed the Quarkus introduction and didn't get it to work and humbling now for serval days.

Thank you very much.


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jefrog1844 commented Apr 26, 2022

Hi Adam, I currently use JWT to secure JAX-RS endpoints, but I have seen some examples demonstrating Jakarta EE Security API (JSR 375) with JAX-RS? This sis an interesting mix as Jakarta EE seems to better fit with servlets. Does Jakarta EE have any place in securing JAX-RS end points. (See link below for reference).



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wodarski commented Apr 29, 2022

Hi Adam,

Do you know why javaee-api 8.0 does not contain JAX-WS classes anymore?

Recently we migrated some applications to JBoss EAP 7.4 which is compatible to JavaEE/JakartaEE 8 and Java 11, but we had to put this additional dependency to pom.xml:

	<dependency> <!-- This was not needed with javaee-api 7.0 --> 

I know soap is old technology but we still have many soap services and clients running in our applications.


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wanderer2097 commented May 2, 2022

Greetings, Adam!

Hard to believe we are 2 shows away from an anniversary edition! In the meantime - quick question re: JPA & L2 cache in the clouds.

  1. Do you see L2 JPA cache enabled & used in cloud-native (e.g. AWS Lambda) applications often?
  2. How to deal with an application which has a lot of master data (that rarely changes) and lot of writes depending on it?
  3. What do you typically do with quarkus (which only has a barebones L2 cache implementation) in a lambda environment? Do you end up using it (and only rely on optimistic locking to guard against the risk of stale data) or disable it and setup a standalone (or application level) cache in the cloud?

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haglo commented May 2, 2022

Hi Adam, how can i optimize nested ArrayList of Objects?
I have 3 Classes

  • Class: People
  • Class: Drug
  • Class: Substance

From every Class i create an ArrayList

  • PeopleList
  • DrugList
  • SubstanveList

Every ArrayList has 200.000 Elements

I want know which Substances takes a people?
therefore i need iterate over all 3 ArrayLists

Substance detectSubstance(People people) {
// Must iterate over 200.000
for (Drug drug : drugList){
if (people.getDrugID == drug.getDrugId) {
// Must again iterate over 200.000
for (Substance substance : substanceList){
if (drug.getSubstanceID = substance.getSubstanceId) {

How can i optimize it?

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arjantijms commented May 12, 2022


Does Jakarta EE have any place in securing JAX-RS end points. (See link below for reference).

Yes, absolutely. See this for a test which you can use as an example as well:

Quite a number of MP JWT implementations are based on Jakarta Security, for instance:

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mkwapisz commented Jul 6, 2022

Hi Adam,
can you explain/comment lack of consistent API/tools for testing Jakarta EE based applications? I do not know why specifications are prepared without testing in mind. You have to prepare your own project configurations (maven) like for example for rest endpoints: jetty+jersey+mockito. Or you have to use proprietary maven plugins for application servers to control their lifecycle during maven build. The only good solution I know is Weld Junit which nicely allows you to test cdi components. But this is not a standard and covers only one technology and implementation out of hundred. I hate arquillian which always generates many problems for me and I have to fight with project configurtation instead of a project itself.


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