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giates commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

Hi Adam,
seems that WildFly supports HA singletons in a clustered environment, does Payara support that feature too ? (I can't find any info about this kind of support)...

giates commented Feb 10, 2017

Hi Adam,
a question about JMS, is it possible to avoid the JMS message redelivery in case of rollback or system failure ?

McPringle commented Feb 11, 2017 edited

There are plenty of possible solutions out there when I want to take some of my personal (open source) projects to "production". I can use one of the "clouds" or manage an own server (I'm used to server administration). One project is a dockerized Java EE project, the other is realised using Lagom and I want to take a look at ConductR. My projects are not business critical. I don't want to delegate the decision to you but I'm very interested where you base your decisions on. Thanks a lot for sharing your decision basics and your opinion!

FreifeldRoyi commented Feb 11, 2017 edited

Hey Adam,
First of all, great blog and videos!

I'm interested in scaling ordered message stream handling (via KAFKA). Basically, FIFO handling of messages.
The problem starts when different topics are in use for different entities (or in the newer event sourcing approach - entity changes), and entity A and B are sent through different topics but have a relation between them.

My first thought was that inbound messages should be partitioned somehow (e.g by id), and from that moment on, the messages should be navigated (by some other service) to a stateless handling service, but that can create a bottleneck and harm the scalability of the entire process.

How can I tackle this issue?



@AdamBien just watched your boundary-ctrl-entity #airhacks video. Where would you place exceptions and other crosscutting things?

— Manfred Pauli (@soccertrash) February 12, 2017

@AdamBien I have a war file (app.war) and I want to deploy this war into two separeted subfolder at the same wildfly instance. Thanks

— Bruno Santos (@Brunos_Santos) February 17, 2017
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