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Please keep the questions Jakarta EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions. Upcoming events are also going to be announced at

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victorkl98 commented Oct 4, 2021

Hello Adam,

Can you explain a little bit more about Quarkus architecture? Is Quarkus same as JavaEE about request handling (model: THREAD per request in JavaEE). What is something different about Quarkus and JavaEE?

I’ve read in Quarkus docs, and it says that dependecy-injection happens at build-time? Does that mean that Quarkus (behind the scenes) will inject by “generating Java classes” during compilation time, by using bytecode generation libraries like Gizmo, and not during runtime (using reflection)?

How does Quarkus reactive (RESTEasy Reactive using Mutiny) handles requests? Is it a better choice then (non-reactive)?

What do you think about Quarkus vs Spring Boot? Why does SpringBoot keep being more popular than Quarkus? Do you think that this can change and Quarkus take over Spring?

Thank you!

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JSamir commented Dec 6, 2021

Hi Adam,

what are the most crucial steps to successfully split a really big monolith into microservices? Is it a viable way to do it step by step, if yes how could such steps look like?

What is your preferred approach for frontends in microservice architecture?

Thanks :)

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sm-a commented Jan 2, 2022

Hi Adam,

how can I reduce/stop the cost risk of excessive resource usage in a DDOS attack on "Google Cloud Run", "AWS Fargate" and "AWS Lambda"?

Thank you

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sm-a commented Jan 2, 2022

Hi Adam,

for your websites ( and others) which hosting provider and which service/package do you use? I have seen from the IP address that it is a product of "Deutsche Telekom". Or an reseller. I'm interested in which one and why you don't use "Google Cloud Run", "AWS Fargate" or "AWS Lambda"?

Thank you again and I wish you a happy new year, much success and health in the new year.

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