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Please keep the questions Java EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions.

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altuga commented May 17, 2019

Hello Adam,

2 questions :

1 - Should we write jars in war files or no jar(s) in a war file? I see some projects, for example, there are 5 war files and every 5 wars there are at least 3 or 4 jars file. In which use cases should we use jar files in war? What is the standard way? Thanks.

2 - Is Java an Alien in a serverless world? Two reasons
2.1 Java does not understand cgroups
2.2 Java containers boot slow

What do you think about this ? Can fix those issues ?


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dhufnagel commented May 21, 2019

Hi Adam,

I am wondering when to use which CDI Scope or EJBs. Especially regarding JAX-RS resources: Should they be RequestScoped (I think they are per default)? Why not use ApplicationScoped? Is it just for convienience to not having to deal with concurrency synchronization?
Do you have some insights when to use which scope and when to use EJBs?


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deratzmann commented May 22, 2019

Hey, Adam. We all know,starting own threads on a application server is forbidden. Is the async() call on (jersey jaxrs client) forbidden in this sense?
I found the client.register(ExecutorServiceProvider), which may be a solution,if it is really an issue...

Is it a good idea to prepare all this register stuff on the client in a ejb postcontruct?

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eyalyatir commented May 23, 2019

Hi Adam,

Is Open Liberty minify profile the same as Quarkus? Are there any advantages using one over the other?


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altuga commented May 29, 2019

How can I take code covarage report by making system testing, I mean just hitting to jax-rs rest points.
I heard project, can I use this project for this goal?


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Tunjidir commented May 30, 2019

Hi Adam, please how do i set up my machine for a CI/CD build to deploy my javaEE app to a production like environment and run system tests against it with jenkins using your docklands projects? i checked the jenkins folder in the docklands project and i saw a description that reads "Payara5 server full" does this mean that jenkins is running on payara? on the website, i saw that it runs on jetty. it also states that "Jenkins can also be run as a servlet in different Java servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat or GlassFish", is this what you are doing? running it on payara? ps: this is my first time trying out jenkins. also what plugins do i have to install. thanks

Looking forward to your microservices podcast with @struberg !!!

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smajl1 commented Jun 2, 2019

Hi Adam,

I'm currently learning javaee, i wanted to know what really is JMS, why is used for and should you use it?
What about Kafka?
Are these APIs used in microservices?

Thank you

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tmsanchez commented Jun 3, 2019

Hi Adam, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I just saw your article "Asynchronous JAX-RS: Timeout Configuration and Handling" but I have a question, what about when we need to just return Http 200 just to indicate that we have received the request but we need to call another process in back ground? something like this:

public class PingResource {

public Response ping(String someParameter) {
	// no need to wait for the result
    return Response.ok("Thanks Duke I got it, will inform you").build();;


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t-shaguy commented Jun 6, 2019

Hello Adam,

Thank you for the good work.

Please, which is the way to go in your opinion, between Quarkus, MicroNaut and Meecrowave (this could include any other promising pro serverless microservice framework like netty?

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