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Last active October 8, 2015 06:57
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How to implement Authentication in JEE applications. I am starting an new application with JSF, EJB, JPA. JEE has some thing similar to spring security? or I need to use Apache Shiro. (I have user details in database)
Thank you.

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tegbird commented Oct 2, 2015

What would be the behavior for method overloading in JAX-RS resource, I want to use same path for posting single object or collection. To take it step further I want to execute collection creation Asynchronously by adding @suspended for example
public void createNew(Collection transactions, @suspended AsyncResponse asyncResponse)

public Transaction createNew(Transaction transaction)

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hvoyer commented Oct 3, 2015

Payara Micro Question:
What are my options for adding JDBC drivers and configuring resources in Payara micro ?
Is there a way to keep theses configuration persisted ?

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dwamara commented Oct 4, 2015

A customer of mine wanted to be able to inject properties (from ResourceBundles) directly into the code without having to go through the loading of the bundles in the code that needed them, any advice or sample code on this one?

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  1. What are JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, ManagedBeans and BackingBeans ?
  2. Does @Inject work in EAR if we want to inject something from JAR to WAR ?
  3. Can we use JavaEE 7 (lib/specification) into a JavaFX application ?

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haisi commented Oct 6, 2015

Could you give an example of how to extend a JavaFX-view with afterburner.fx in the ""-file instead of FXML and accessing the components from the presenter?
Can I mix FXML and the View-class in afterburner.fx (e.g. create a pane in FXML and adding elements to it by Code in the "-View"-class?

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essigt commented Oct 6, 2015

What are good ways to inject the configuration into a dockerimage. So you can use the same war/dockerimage in different steps of staging( testing, production,…) or with different configurations for different customers.

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How would you annotate a JPA @OneToMany relationship with lazy loading for JAXB

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