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(ns biz.castra
(:require [castra.middleware :as c]
[castra.core :as r :refer [ex ex? dfl-ex *pre* *request* *session* *validate-only*]]))
(def head {"X-Castra-Tunnel" "transit"})
;; Private castra fns
(def castra-req? #'c/castra-req?)
(def csrf! #'c/csrf!)
(def do-rpc #'c/do-rpc)
(def ex->clj #'c/ex->clj)
(def select-vars #'c/select-vars)
(defn wrap-castra-errors [handler]
(let [body-keys nil] ;; From original impl
(fn [req]
(if-not (castra-req? req)
(handler req)
;; Castra error
(try (handler req)
(catch Throwable e
(let [h (c/headers req head {"Content-Type" "application/json"})
d (c/response body-keys req {:error (ex->clj e)})]
{:status 200, :headers h, :body d})))))))
(defn wrap-castra [handler & [opts & more :as namespaces]]
(let [{:keys [body-keys state-fn] :as opts} (when (map? opts) opts)
nses (if opts more namespaces)
seq* #(or (try (seq %) (catch Throwable e)) [%])
vars (fn [] (->> nses (map seq*) (mapcat #(apply select-vars %)) set))]
(fn [req]
(if-not (castra-req? req)
(handler req)
(binding [*print-meta* true
*pre* true
*request* req
*validate-only* (= "true" (get-in req [:headers "x-castra-validate-only"]))]
(let [h (c/headers req head {"Content-Type" "application/json"})
f #(do (csrf!) (do-rpc (vars) (c/expression body-keys req)))
d (c/response body-keys req {:result (f) :state (when state-fn (state-fn))})]
{:status 200, :headers h, :body d}))))))
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