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Assumptions: the charm name is fluentd

Submitting a layered charm

Register an account on launchpad, if you don't already have one. You'll need the name later in the process.

  1. Create a launchpad branch of the deployable charm
[~/charms/layers/fluentd] $ charm build
[~/charms/layers/fluentd] $ cd ~/charms/trusty/fluentd
[~/charms/trusty/fluentd] $ bzr init
[~/charms/trusty/fluentd] $ bzr add
[~/charms/trusty/fluentd] $ bzr ci -m 'Initial charm'
[~/charms/trusty/fluentd] $ bzr push lp:~<your-launchpad-username>/charms/trusty/fluentd/trunk

In 20 minutes or so, you can deploy from your namespace:

[~] $ juju deploy cs:~<your-launchpad-username>/trusty/fluentd

In order to have your charm in the Recommended namespace in the charm store, you'll need to submit it for review.

  1. Open a bug report in ~charms, with the summary "New charm: fluentd". Under Further Information, provide the link to the charm layer. For example:

    Source for this charm is available here:

And submit the bug report. The url of the filed bug report will contain the bug id, i.e., would be bug #1560167, which we'll need for the next step.

  1. Navigate to your launchpad branch,, select Link a bug report, paste the bug report #, press enter, and select Link bug.

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lazypower commented Mar 30, 2016

This is great!

One suggestion, charm push has entered GA. We can probably re-shape this document to be push/publish centric :)

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