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Demonstrates an Observer for LiveData to be used during unit testing.
* This defines the contract for communicating with some data source to request profile information.
interface ProfileRepository {
fun fetchProfile(userId: String): Single<User>
* Our profile view can be in one of three states: loading, successful data request, or an error requesting data.
data class ProfileViewState(
val loading: Boolean,
val data: User?,
val error: Throwable?
* This TestObserver keeps track of all events emitted to a
* LiveData so that our unit tests can validate all of the expected emissions
* occurred.
class TestObserver<T> : Observer<T> {
var observedValues: MutableList<T> = mutableListOf()
override fun onChanged(t: T) {
fun <T> LiveData<T>.testObserver() = TestObserver<T>().also {
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