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@AdamSHurwitz AdamSHurwitz/TestUtils.kt
Last active Dec 26, 2019

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UDF + Unit Tests - Test Utils
fun ContentViewModel.feedViewState() = this.feedViewState.getOrAwaitValue()
fun ContentViewModel.viewEffects() = this.viewEffect.getOrAwaitValue()
fun <T> LiveData<Event<T>>.observe() = this.getOrAwaitValue().peekEvent()
* Gets the value of a [LiveData] or waits for it to have one, with a timeout.
* Use this extension from host-side (JVM) tests. It's recommended to use it alongside
* `InstantTaskExecutorRule` or a similar mechanism to execute tasks synchronously.
fun <T> LiveData<T>.getOrAwaitValue(
time: Long = 5,
timeUnit: TimeUnit = TimeUnit.SECONDS,
afterObserve: () -> Unit = {}
): T {
var data: T? = null
val latch = CountDownLatch(1)
val observer = object : Observer<T> {
override fun onChanged(o: T?) {
data = o
// Don't wait indefinitely if the LiveData is not set.
if (!latch.await(time, timeUnit)) {
throw TimeoutException("LiveData value was never set.")
return data as T
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