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ODG - Android Security: Decompile App
adb shell pm list package | grep lyft
adb shell pm path
// Access the terminal of the phone.
adb shell
// Copy the APK to the phone's SD card.
cp /data/app/ /mnt/sdcard
// Download from the SD card to the desktop.
adb pull /mnt/sdcard/base.apk ~/Desktop
// Delete the copy of the APK from the SD card.
adb shell rm /mnt/sdcard/base.apk
cd android/tools/ → dex2jar-2.0
// Gives the program permission to be executable.
chmod 777 dex2jar-2.0/
// Provides some security permission.
sudo chmod +x
// Converts to Jar saved to dex2jar-2.0 directory
sh ~/Desktop/lyft.apk
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