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Trying Out Composite Types
fmt.Println("Hello, let's talk composite types.")
basketOfStuff := [3]string{"The first string","second","This string."}
var zeeValues [2]int
for i, v := range basketOfStuff {
fmt.Printf("Value %d: %s\n", i, v)
if zeeValues[0] == zeeValues[1] {
fmt.Println("The values are the same, this doesn't instantiate like the `new` keyword.")
} else {
fmt.Println("The way go appears to instantiate unset variable values, such as in this array is like the `new` keyword instantiation.")
zeeValues[0] = 1 + 52 * 3
zeeValues[1] = 9
fmt.Println(zeeValues[len(zeeValues) - 1])
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