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Hacking all the things...

Eddie James Carswell II AfroThundr3007730

Hacking all the things...
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AfroThundr3007730 /
Last active Sep 14, 2016
Keybase Identity Proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am afrothundr3007730 on github.
  • I am afrothundr ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 59CF 0A80 1F35 22E8 E307 692E B1CB BA55 1CB0 C5A3

To claim this, I am signing this object:

AfroThundr3007730 / openpgp.txt
Created Feb 13, 2017
OpenKeychain Linked Identity
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This Gist confirms the Linked Identity in my OpenPGP key, and links it to this GitHub account.
Token for proof:
[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:48fee08fd7fc38f0b9abdb46496a436a200e64ec]
AfroThundr3007730 /
Last active Nov 11, 2018
Configuration files for local yum and apt repositories. (Retired)

Note: This gist is historical now that I've moved this to a proper repo: AfroThundr3007730/syncrepo

Below are configuration files for creating upstream and downstream yum and apt repositories. These can be hosted on a CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu system and served via rsync or http. The only requirements are rsync and a webserver, such as apache, and also debmirror. Note that not all required setup steps are listed here (TODO: add setup guide).

Filename Description Notes Combined all-in-one repo sync script. Still alpha. Last tested: v1.6.5
AfroThundr3007730 / 01-root-openssl.conf
Last active Feb 7, 2018
OpenSSL root and intermediate CA configurations
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# OpenSSL root CA configuration file.
[ ca ]
default_ca = ca_default
[ ca_default ]
dir = /etc/pki/CA/root-ca
certs = $dir/certs
crl_dir = $dir/crl
new_certs_dir = $dir/newcerts
AfroThundr3007730 /
Last active Dec 27, 2020
My notes on getting ClamAV working on CentOS 7
# How to get ClamAV working on CentOS 7
yum -y install epel-release && yum -y update
yum -y install clamav clamav-data clamav-scanner clamav-scanner-systemd clamav-server clamav-server-systemd clamav-unofficial-sigs clamav-update
# Add /etc/clamd.d/freshclam.conf
# Add /usr/lib/systemd/system/clamav-freshclam.service
systemctl enable clamav-freshclam.service && systemctl start clamav-freshclam.service
AfroThundr3007730 / main.css
Last active Sep 15, 2018
Current main site css
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/*! normalize.css v7.0.0 | MIT License | */
input {
overflow: visible
AfroThundr3007730 / filesplit.ps1
Last active Nov 25, 2019
Collection of useful powershell snippets
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#Usage filesplit.ps1 <filename> <# of lines>
[parameter(position=1)][string]$linesperFile = 100000
$sw = new-object System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch
$rootName = (join-path ([io.fileinfo]$filename).directoryname ([io.fileinfo]$filename).basename) + '_'
$ext = ([io.fileinfo]$filename).extension
AfroThundr3007730 /
Last active Mar 26, 2021
Renews my LetsEncrypt certificates if they expire in less than 3 days.

This gist includes a certificate renewal script, which I use to renew both of my LetsEncrypt certificates, as well as the systemd unit files necessary to automate it. It's currently set to run every 12 hours, and renews the certificates if they expire in less than 3 days. The certbot tool is required in order to use this script. Note that I generated my keys and CSR manually because I needed to add specific extensions to my certificates. That process is not covered here.

Filename Description The certificate renewal script.
02-cli.ini Example Certbot configuration.
03-getcert.timer The systemd timer unit file.
04-getcert.service The systemd service unit file.
05-openssl.conf Example openssl.conf for the CSR DDNS version of the renewal script.
AfroThundr3007730 / NotSymVer
Last active Sep 14, 2017
An extension to semantic versioning.
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NotSymVer v0.1
Not Semantic Versioning - An extension to semantic versioning.
Name[[-]Gen] [Epoch:][Gen-]Major.Minor[[.Micro].Patch][-Pre][+Post][~Build[Pkg]][_Pkg]
#!/usr/bin/env python
import struct
import time
import sys
from threading import Thread
from impacket import uuid