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A modified DockSpace example for Dear ImGui. Changes are listed at the top of the file.
// Added more clarifying comments inside the function.
// Removed MSVC warning C6011 - null pointer dereference.
// Fixed a slight grammar error - "This demo app only demonstrate" => "This demo app only demonstrates"
// Demonstrate using DockSpace() to create an explicit docking node within an existing window.
// Note: You can use most Docking facilities without calling any API. You DO NOT need to call DockSpace() to use Docking!
// - Drag from window title bar or their tab to dock/undock. Hold SHIFT to disable docking.
// - Drag from window menu button (upper-left button) to undock an entire node (all windows).
// About dockspaces:
// - Use DockSpace() to create an explicit dock node _within_ an existing window.
// - Use DockSpaceOverViewport() to create an explicit dock node covering the screen or a specific viewport.
// This is often used with ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode.
// - Important: Dockspaces need to be submitted _before_ any window they can host. Submit it early in your frame! (*)
// - Important: Dockspaces need to be kept alive if hidden, otherwise windows docked into it will be undocked.
// e.g. if you have multiple tabs with a dockspace inside each tab: submit the non-visible dockspaces with ImGuiDockNodeFlags_KeepAliveOnly.
// (*) because of this constraint, the implicit \"Debug\" window can not be docked into an explicit DockSpace() node,
// because that window is submitted as part of the part of the NewFrame() call. An easy workaround is that you can create
// your own implicit "Debug##2" window after calling DockSpace() and leave it in the window stack for anyone to use.
void ShowExampleAppDockSpace(bool* p_open)
// Variables to configure the Dockspace example.
static bool opt_fullscreen = true; // Is the Dockspace full-screen?
static bool opt_padding = false; // Is there padding (a blank space) between the window edge and the Dockspace?
static ImGuiDockNodeFlags dockspace_flags = ImGuiDockNodeFlags_None; // Config flags for the Dockspace
// In this example, we're embedding the Dockspace into an invisible parent window to make it more configurable.
// We set ImGuiWindowFlags_NoDocking to make sure the parent isn't dockable into because this is handled by the Dockspace.
// ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar is to show a menu bar with config options. This isn't necessary to the functionality of a
// Dockspace, but it is here to provide a way to change the configuration flags interactively.
// You can remove the MenuBar flag if you don't want it in your app, but also remember to remove the code which actually
// renders the menu bar, found at the end of this function.
ImGuiWindowFlags window_flags = ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar | ImGuiWindowFlags_NoDocking;
// Is the example in Fullscreen mode?
if (opt_fullscreen)
// If so, get the main viewport:
const ImGuiViewport* viewport = ImGui::GetMainViewport();
// Set the parent window's position, size, and viewport to match that of the main viewport. This is so the parent window
// completely covers the main viewport, giving it a "full-screen" feel.
// Set the parent window's styles to match that of the main viewport:
ImGui::PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar_WindowRounding, 0.0f); // No corner rounding on the window
ImGui::PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar_WindowBorderSize, 0.0f); // No border around the window
// Manipulate the window flags to make it inaccessible to the user (no titlebar, resize/move, or navigation)
window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoTitleBar | ImGuiWindowFlags_NoCollapse | ImGuiWindowFlags_NoResize | ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMove;
window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBringToFrontOnFocus | ImGuiWindowFlags_NoNavFocus;
// The example is not in Fullscreen mode (the parent window can be dragged around and resized), disable the
// ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode flag.
dockspace_flags &= ~ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode;
// When using ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode, DockSpace() will render our background
// and handle the pass-thru hole, so the parent window should not have its own background:
if (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode)
window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBackground;
// If the padding option is disabled, set the parent window's padding size to 0 to effectively hide said padding.
if (!opt_padding)
ImGui::PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar_WindowPadding, ImVec2(0.0f, 0.0f));
// Important: note that we proceed even if Begin() returns false (aka window is collapsed).
// This is because we want to keep our DockSpace() active. If a DockSpace() is inactive,
// all active windows docked into it will lose their parent and become undocked.
// We cannot preserve the docking relationship between an active window and an inactive docking, otherwise
// any change of dockspace/settings would lead to windows being stuck in limbo and never being visible.
ImGui::Begin("DockSpace Demo", p_open, window_flags);
// Remove the padding configuration - we pushed it, now we pop it:
if (!opt_padding)
// Pop the two style rules set in Fullscreen mode - the corner rounding and the border size.
if (opt_fullscreen)
// Check if Docking is enabled:
ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
if (io.ConfigFlags & ImGuiConfigFlags_DockingEnable)
// If it is, draw the Dockspace with the DockSpace() function.
// The GetID() function is to give a unique identifier to the Dockspace - here, it's "MyDockSpace".
ImGuiID dockspace_id = ImGui::GetID("MyDockSpace");
ImGui::DockSpace(dockspace_id, ImVec2(0.0f, 0.0f), dockspace_flags);
// Docking is DISABLED - Show a warning message
// This is to show the menu bar that will change the config settings at runtime.
// If you copied this demo function into your own code and removed ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar at the top of the function,
// you should remove the below if-statement as well.
if (ImGui::BeginMenuBar())
if (ImGui::BeginMenu("Options"))
// Disabling fullscreen would allow the window to be moved to the front of other windows,
// which we can't undo at the moment without finer window depth/z control.
ImGui::MenuItem("Fullscreen", NULL, &opt_fullscreen);
ImGui::MenuItem("Padding", NULL, &opt_padding);
// Display a menu item for each Dockspace flag, clicking on one will toggle its assigned flag.
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Flag: NoSplit", "", (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoSplit) != 0)) { dockspace_flags ^= ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoSplit; }
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Flag: NoResize", "", (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoResize) != 0)) { dockspace_flags ^= ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoResize; }
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Flag: NoDockingInCentralNode", "", (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoDockingInCentralNode) != 0)) { dockspace_flags ^= ImGuiDockNodeFlags_NoDockingInCentralNode; }
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Flag: AutoHideTabBar", "", (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_AutoHideTabBar) != 0)) { dockspace_flags ^= ImGuiDockNodeFlags_AutoHideTabBar; }
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Flag: PassthruCentralNode", "", (dockspace_flags & ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode) != 0, opt_fullscreen)) { dockspace_flags ^= ImGuiDockNodeFlags_PassthruCentralNode; }
// Display a menu item to close this example.
if (ImGui::MenuItem("Close", NULL, false, p_open != NULL))
if (p_open != NULL) // Remove MSVC warning C6011 (NULL dereference) - the `p_open != NULL` in MenuItem() does prevent NULL derefs, but IntelliSense doesn't analyze that deep so we need to add this in ourselves.
*p_open = false; // Changing this variable to false will close the parent window, therefore closing the Dockspace as well.
// Show a help marker that gives an overview of what this example is and does.
"When docking is enabled, you can ALWAYS dock MOST window into another! Try it now!" "\n"
"- Drag from window title bar or their tab to dock/undock." "\n"
"- Drag from window menu button (upper-left button) to undock an entire node (all windows)." "\n"
"- Hold SHIFT to disable docking." "\n"
"This demo app has nothing to do with it!" "\n\n"
"This demo app only demonstrates the use of ImGui::DockSpace() which allows you to manually create a docking node _within_ another window." "\n\n"
"Read comments in ShowExampleAppDockSpace() for more details.");
// End the parent window that contains the Dockspace:
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