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Changelog 1.21.3
  • a587a5a77 Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.21.3 - Aileen Nowak
  • 49c815b2f Version bump to 1.21.3 - Aileen Nowak
  • 1c902af74 Version bump to 1.21.3 - Aileen Nowak
  • 8638bebaf Fixed linting error - Kevin Ansfield
  • 1563d219b Update Spirit CSS - Kevin Ansfield
  • 45176534a Renamed comments in importer test - kirrg001
  • 0d58cd324 Koenig - Add caption to HTML/embed card - Kevin Ansfield
  • 45d4d0f70 Koenig - Another fix for cards being deselected when clicking in edit mode - Kevin Ansfield
  • 43181fb9b Koenig - Cleanup toolbar invocation - Kevin Ansfield
  • 86eff7211 Koenig - Initial Spirit styles integration - Kevin Ansfield
  • 33c7a2ab7 Fix session restoration - Kevin Ansfield
  • 12724df8e Define belongsToMany foreign keys for tags in the model layer - kirrg001
  • 67e63a4f9 Switch to using recommended Node.js version on Travis - Kevin Ansfield
  • 22befb160 Bump dependencies - Kevin Ansfield
  • b204d5874 Added missing test cases for - kirrg001
  • 0aff9f33d Improved validation layer (TryGhost/Ghost#9427) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 71ba76b99 Extended knex mock: be able to fetch all resources - kirrg001
  • 2b76d7a49 Added lib - kirrg001
  • 355ef5470 Removed isNew usages in model layer - kirrg001
  • 0b5cfd933 Added knex mock for unit testing - kirrg001
  • a04baeba0 Koenig - Add click overlay to embed card - Kevin Ansfield
  • 69ddabb6a Koenig - Allow blank paragraphs to be deleted with Backspace - Kevin Ansfield
  • 66890f373 Koenig - Update {{koenig-card-html}} to use new {{koenig-card}} container - Kevin Ansfield
  • 453636dc1 Koenig - Fix cards being deselected when clicking in edit mode - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0a375d8cc Koenig - Fix sticky (+) button when clicking to select card - Kevin Ansfield
  • ae79640a6 Koenig - Remove old Koenig alpha code - Kevin Ansfield
  • c6a95c647 Sorted out the mixed usages of include and withRelated (TryGhost/Ghost#9425) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 68d8154d4 Imported nested tags by foreign key - kirrg001
  • 5a4dd6b79 Increased speed of importer - kirrg001
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