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Useful pacman commands and packages

Basic usage

pacman -S <package> # Install a package
pacman -Sy # Update package list
pacman -Su # Update installed packages
pacman -Ss <query> # Search packages
pacman -R <package> # Remove a package
pacman -Rs <package> # Remove a package and it's unneeded dependencies

Update list and install basic stuff

pacman -Sy base-devel htop lsof vim curl elinks openssh

Install yaourt for easy AUR installs

Add to /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch
pacman -Sy yaourt base-devel
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Excellent theme collection:

yaourt -S xfce-theme-greybird elementary-xfce-icons \
    elementary-icon-theme-git elementary-plus-icon-theme \
    mediterranean-gtk-themes-git mediterraneannight-theme \
    gtk-theme-arc-git vertex-themes adapta-gtk-theme \
    zuki-themes-git moslight-themes-git \
    paper-icon-theme-git vertex-icons-git

Generic web dev tools:

yaourt -S sublime-text-dev gksu \

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You can update AUR packages installed via yaourt with:

yaourt -Syu --aur

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Minimum xorg packages for working xfce4: xorg-twm mesa xf86-video-vesa

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Network Manager setup with PPTP:

pacman -S networkmanager networkmanager-pptp network-manager-applet gnome-keyring
systemctl enable NetworkManager

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