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@Albirew Albirew/ratio.js
Created Jan 12, 2016

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Un vieux JS pour rediriger l'utilisateur selon sa résolution (surtout pour différencier les smartphones)
/*JavaScript Redirection based on Ratio*/
var s = (screen.height/screen.width)
if (s==.75)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=4-3") // 4:3
else if (s==.625)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=8-5") // 8:5 (16:10)
else if (s==.5625)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=16-9") // 16:9
else if (s==.5294117647058824)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=17-9") // 17:9
else if (s==.6)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=5-3") // 5:3
else if (s==.8)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=5-4") // 5:4
else if (s>1)
window.location.replace("/lol?somevars=smartphones") // resolutions smartphones/tablettes
window.location.replace("") // 3:2 et autres resolutions a la con
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