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View charges_refactor
const clickHandler = (e, charges) => {
const hasCharges = Number(advanceCharges) > 0
switch (type) {
case 'Advance Charges':
hasCharges ? callRelaventFunction(okToPayCharges, toggleAdvanceChargesDialog, showAdvanceCharges, snackbarMessage) : snackbarMessage(locale('There are no advance charges'))
case 'Member Charges':
hasCharges ? toggleDialog(!showMemberCharges) : snackbarMessage(locale('There are no member chanrges'))
Aldizh / highest_power
Created Jan 2, 2018
Gives you the highest power of x less then provided number n
View highest_power
var highestPower = function(n, x) {
var res = 0;
for (var i = n; i >= 1; i--){
var pow = Math.pow(x, i);
if (pow < n) { res = pow; break;}
return res;
//Log solution
View reduce_for_objects
// Input
const dataSource = [
{id: 48, code: "firstName", description: "John"},
{id: 49, code: "lastName", description: "Smith"},
{id: 49, code: "occupation", description: "Agent"},
{id: 47, code: "status", description: "Active"},
// Output should be as follows
const output = {
Aldizh / gist:d062abd329a3ebed5a6416cd6c6f5edc
Last active Nov 20, 2017
How to merge multiple remote commits into one
View gist:d062abd329a3ebed5a6416cd6c6f5edc
# Switch to the master branch and make sure you are up to date.
git checkout master
git fetch # this may be necessary (depending on your git config) to receive updates on origin/master
git pull
# Merge the feature branch into the master branch.
git merge feature_branch
# Reset the master branch to origin's state.
git reset origin/master
Aldizh / constructObject.js
Created Sep 15, 2017
This is used to convert a flat file into a nested object structure, give the flat file is in proper dot notation.
View constructObject.js
* @function constructObject
* @param {file} file in dot notation ('a.b.c':'Hey', 'd.e.g': 'you')
* @return {Object} - a nested object.
* @example
* const object = constructObject(file)
* Returns the following:
* a: {
* b: {
Aldizh / flattenObject.js
Created Sep 15, 2017
Utility function to transform an object to flat key value pairs. It is used to maintain a mapping between an object structure and a general purpose file which could be translated for example.
View flattenObject.js
* Flattens an object given a nested object structure
* @function flattenObject
* @param {Object} obj - The object whose values and keys you want to map over.
* @return {String} - A json string with key-value pairs.
* @example
* const original = {
* address: {
* 'addressLine1': 'Address (Line 1)',
Aldizh / counter.js
Last active Sep 20, 2019
Basic counter that demonstrates javascript closure concept
View counter.js
// In the function below changeBy is a private function
// whereas increment and decrement are public and hence
// can be invoked outside the Counter's scope
function Counter(initialCounter) {
var privateCounter = initialCounter || 0;
function changeBy(val) {
privateCounter += val;
return {
Aldizh / script.js
Last active Sep 20, 2019
Prototype Inheritance example javascript
View script.js
// Every function created in javascript inherits from
// Object which is made of a constructor function and
// __proto__ which allows for sharing across multiples instances
// Defining a Person Object/Function
function Person(first, last, age, gender, interests) { = {
View gist:5da1877cef5e5db2b6e7c4169e3796a1
//Have to create a closure and redefine "i" inside so that the console won't throw undefined error
var index = i;
var elem = document.getElementsByClassName('cat');
array[index].count = array[index].count + 1;
var total= array[index].count;
var numb = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[index];
numb.innerHTML = total;
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