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@Aldizh Aldizh/counter.js

Last active Sep 20, 2019
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Basic counter that demonstrates javascript closure concept
// In the function below changeBy is a private function
// whereas increment and decrement are public and hence
// can be invoked outside the Counter's scope
function Counter(initialCounter) {
var privateCounter = initialCounter || 0;
function changeBy(val) {
privateCounter += val;
return {
increment: function() {
decrement: function() {
value: function() {
return privateCounter;
var counter = new Counter(1);
console.log(counter.value()); // logs 1
console.log(counter.value()); // logs 3
console.log(counter.value()); // logs 2
// should give an error as it is out of scope
// console.log(counter.changeBy(1));
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