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Last active December 9, 2019 14:24
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Database DevOps with SSDT, GitHub and Azure DevOps Services
DevOps has fundamentally changed the way we manage IT. Those
practicing DevOps well aren't just outpacing their competitors,
they are annihilating them. With DevOps comes a whole host of
new practices, tools and buzzwords. Some roles and tasks have
been made redundant, while new opportunities have been created.
We all need to learn to survive in this new reality.
In this session we'll cut through the hype and look at the key
concepts and findings from the Puppet State of DevOps Reports,
The DevOps Handbook, and Microsoft's work in this space.
Then you will roll up your sleeves and create your own
repository in GitHub, create and push a new SSDT project, and
configure your own Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipeline to
deploy your source code to either an on-prem SQL instance or
Azure SQL DB.
Don't forget to bring a laptop!
Short description:
An introduction to the principles that underpin DevOps and the
practices that are derived from those principles, followed by
implementation through hands-on exercises with GitHub, SSDT
and Azure DevOps. Bring a laptop!
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