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🍕🍕🍕 SQUASHathon results (2017-10-07 UTC-12⌁UTC+14)

Open tickets before: 1676
Open tickets after: 1669
Number of tickets touched: 54

Resolved tickets (17)

[resolved] RT #121327 Scoping bug with `xx`
[resolved] RT #123926 LTA error message without Levenshtein distance suggestion when mistyping enum value in signature in Rakudo
[resolved] RT #125170 Cannot read from a file opened with open(:rw) in Rakudo
[resolved] RT #125215 10 ** -1 is a Num, but should probably be a Rat since it can in Rakudo
[resolved] RT #125344 Int..Whatever ranges are slow (~20 times slower than Int..Int)
[resolved] RT #126101 0.lotsof9s badly approximated
[resolved] RT #126524 Proc::Async NYI
[resolved] RT #126951 Interpolating a typed hash into an argument list produces wrong keys
[resolved] RT #127096 error message when doing weird base conversions ( :5<1.I> )
[resolved] RT #127672 「take」 inside global and exhaustive matching is broken (m:g/. {take 1}/)
[resolved] RT #130117 Sequential alternation `||` does not respect `:ratchet`
[resolved] RT #130186 Match object inside .comb is weird (‘789’.comb(/ . {say $/}  /))
[resolved] RT #130834 Is `use v5` still a thing?
[resolved] RT #130906 Reducing a Seq with `=>` fails with "P6opaque: no such attribute '$!reified' in type List"
[resolved] RT #131936 Match.made leaks a `NQPMu`
[resolved] RT #131973 Backtracking modifiers on individual atoms fail to override a regex-global `:ratchet` modifier.
[resolved] RT #132083 Broken math (-2147483648 != -2147483648)

Half-resolved (tests needed) (6)

[TESTNEEDED] RT #125596 error message with if; and unless; without conditions
[TESTNEEDED] RT #125641 error messages when right bracket is missing: (), [], "" and so on
[TESTNEEDED] RT #125674 error message prints wrong eject position (if True if { };)
[TESTNEEDED] RT #125902 error message “Type 'Str' is not declared” (my Str where 'foo' $test;)
[TESTNEEDED] RT #126972 error mesage about getlexrelcaller (/a/)
[TESTNEEDED] RT #127100 error message when specifying return type before parameters ( --> Bool, Int $x, Int $y )

Updated tickets (20)

      [updated] RT #125247 Error message for unclosed multiline comments points to last line of the file
      [updated] RT #125466 bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
[open→rejected] RT #125500 double free or corruption, invalid pointer
      [updated] RT #125684 error message when using invalid characters in number literals (say 0b000l01)
     [new→open] RT #126415 WhateverCode loses its mind inside //=
      [updated] RT #126757 error message talks about ~ but there is no ~ in my code (33..126 .pick.chr)
     [new→open] RT #127279 Infinite loop with |"a".."z"
      [updated] RT #127282 backtraces could print all the arguments to all the routines
      [updated] RT #127671 「dir」 dies if weird unicode sequences are encountered (dir;)
      [updated] RT #127775 Declaring enums with Bools, IntStrs and maybe other things ( enum Foo (:Bar(1), :Baz(True) ))
      [updated] RT #127824 TR/ / / is not implemented
      [updated] RT #127856 error message when declaring variables without a space between “my” and parens (my($test);)
      [updated] RT #127857 error message when using commas in c-style “loop” (loop (my $x = 0, $x < 10, $x++) {})
      [updated] RT #127906 Array interpolation `@foo` doesn't backtrack
      [updated] RT #128161 Run time “SORRY!” when the range starts with whatever star (*...‘WAT’)
      [updated] RT #128561 degenerates: warning on whitespace with diacritics could be better
      [updated] RT #130485 » is no longer shuffled (».say)
     [new→open] RT #131478 Warning about $. when using metamethod
      [updated] RT #131814 quote bug in shell command on windows
     [new→open] RT #132217 `unival` ignores everything but first chars

New tickets (11)

 [new] RT #132228 nqp::push to a typeobject of a class with repr("VMArray")
 [new] RT #132232 ignorecase returns too many graphemes for expanding foldcase graphemes
 [new] RT #132233 ignorecase doesn't use foldcase semantics when the haystack is interpolated
[open] RT #132236 Meta object construction
 [new] RT #132237 regexes and “Corresponding … was at line”
 [new] RT #132238 $<> and “Corresponding … was at line”
 [new] RT #132239 q:to and “Corresponding … was at line”
 [new] RT #132240 s/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
 [new] RT #132241 tr/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
[open] RT #132242 Proc::Async running with yes command returns superfluous output and hangs
 [new] RT #132246 .pick and .roll return incorrect results for object hashes
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