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View Expiry Time Assignment
1. Should the client or the server take more security precautions?
Yes the server should take more security precautions probably from a security firm that specializes in security to make sure no one will be stealing information from your users.
2. What's the difference between local storage and session storage?
Session storage is the same as local storage except that the data doesn't persist outside of the tab (session).
3. What problem does a JWT expiry time solve?
Some users keep there tabs open for hours and a JWT is always valid so a malicious party can find one from years ago and use it access your API. Expiry time solves this issue.
4. Is a refresh endpoint protected or public?
View Learning a new code base
1. Async keyword makes the fucntion return a promise and it allows you to use await in it. await keyword before a promise makes JS wait until that promise is settled and then returns a result or an error.
2. For any postgreSQL transaction it begins with a BEGIN and ends with a COMMIT.
3. Sequence tables are single-row tables created through the command line. Sequence objects are most often used for creation of unique identifiers.
4. RESTART IDENTITY CASCADE - when used with truncate resets teh sequences assoicated with the columns and adding cascade makes sure all the sequences of all affected tables are reset.
5.setval() -> will update your sequence and in this case make the id 1.
View Relationship & Schema Design
1. How many people work in Sales?
employee e
department d
ON e.department =
View bookmarks sql
-- First, remove the table if it exists
drop table if exists bookmarks;
-- Create the table anew
create table bookmarks (
id INTEGER primary key generated by default as identity,
title text NOT NULL,
link text NOT NULL,
description text,
View Informational Interview
Getting referrals is the best way to make sure human eyes will actually take a look at your resume.
You wouldn't want to get screened out by a computer and a referral will normally get you a superday interview.
I am going to reachout to my friends at tech companies to ask for referrals. They all get referal bonuses
if I get hired so they have incentives to help me get hired :).
To get read for my interviews I got the two books cracking the coding interview and the algorithm
design manual. I am also doing problems on leetcode to practice for the superdays. I already talked
to my mentor and he said once I think I am ready we can start having practice interviews.
View Cold Outreach
Google spreadsheet -
The networking event I went to was really interesting and there were speakers from the three following companies: Qri, caper and runway.
All these companies went over their individual products and gave they gave the audience the chance to ask questions to learn about
the machine learning processes these companies use.
I reached out to three people at companies that I am very interested. I am trying to connect with them on linkedin and I put their
linkedin info in the googlsheet attached.
View Portfolio WireFrame
View Portfolio info
Headline: Hi, I'm Alex. I am a Full Stack Developer looking for exciting new projects and challenges.
Bio: I am a Full Stack Developer currently based in New York.
My interests include traveling, games, sports, weight-lifting, and tv-shows.
Feel free to reach out and contact me or browse through some of the projects I have worked on.
Quiz App- This project I was exploring how to use event listeners and modularization. This quiz tests your trivia knowledge on the show The Office.
Please try it out and see my first experiences working with jQuery and AJAX.
View How webApps work
Client is like a waiter and the server is like the chef. The chef creates the food that the waiter can then take to the end user/customer.
request reponse cycle
View Shopping List Render Functions
add function we would want to append an item to the store and then we would rerender the store to have the item pop up
for check and uncheck items - we would have a toggle class to check and uncheck the item as it was clicked
delete items- we would remove the item from the store and then we would rerende the store to show updated list