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compute diffs of pants targets with earlier revision
#!/usr/bin/env python
Usage: `./diff_targets <git ref>`
Generates a list of targets that have changed since the provided git ref.
Currently, `./pants list --changed-since=...` provides a significant overestimate of this.
For example, adding a comment to a BUILD file marks all targets defined there as being changed.
Targets can change in the following ways:
- A target references a file that has changed
- A build file has changed, where some of its target definitions have been modified
- ...any other ways?
- If a BUILD file changes, we should see all changes to targets reflected
in the metadata provided by `./pants peek`
1) get the overestimate of changes to targets based on `--changed-since`.
2) use `git diff --name-only` to compute the set of changed files.
3) match these changed files with targets from `--changed-since` (this will ignore BUILD file changes)
4) use `git clone --shared` to quickly set up a temporary copy at the earlier ref.
5) diff the results of `./pants peek <(1)>` with the same command applied to the earlier git ref.
6) return the union of (3) and (5)
import subprocess
import json
import typing as tp
import tempfile
def changed_targets_from_files(git_ref: str) -> tp.Set[str]:
changed_since = (
changed_files = (
["git", "diff", "--name-only", git_ref],
# assume target address is always `file` or `file:path_to_BUILD`
address2file = {t: t.split(":", 1)[0] for t in changed_since}
return {t for t in changed_since if address2file[t] in set(changed_files)}
def changed_targets_from_builds(git_ref: str) -> tp.Set[str]:
changed_details_json =
["./pants", "peek", f"--changed-since={git_ref}"],
changed_details = json.loads(changed_details_json or "[]")
target_hashes = {t["address"]: hash(json.dumps(t)) for t in changed_details}
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir:["git", "clone", "-q", "--shared", ".", tmpdir])["git", "checkout", "-q", git_ref], cwd=tmpdir)
all_old_targets = (
["./pants", "list", "::"],
matching_targets = set(target_hashes.keys()) & set(all_old_targets)
r =
["./pants", "peek", *matching_targets],
old_changed_details_json = r.stdout.strip()
old_changed_details = json.loads(old_changed_details_json or "[]")
old_target_hashes = {t["address"]: hash(json.dumps(t)) for t in old_changed_details}
return {t for t, hsh in target_hashes.items() if old_target_hashes.get(t) != hsh}
def diff_targets(git_ref: str):
return sorted(
changed_targets_from_files(git_ref) | changed_targets_from_builds(git_ref)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
git_ref = sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) > 1 else "HEAD"
for t in diff_targets(git_ref):
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