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from random import choice, randint
adjetives = ('snobby', 'snooping', 'sociable', 'soft', 'solid', 'somber', 'sophisticated', 'sore', 'soulful', 'soulless', 'sour', 'sparkling', 'spastic', 'spicy', 'spinning', 'spirited', 'splendid', 'spontaneous', 'spooky', 'spotless', 'spotty', 'square', 'squealing', 'squeamish', 'stable', 'staid', 'stained', 'stale', 'staring', 'startling', 'steadfast', 'steady', 'steep', 'stern', 'sticky', 'stimulating', 'stingy', 'stinky', 'stoic', 'stormy', 'straight', 'straightforward', 'strange', 'striking', 'striped', 'strong', 'stupid', 'sturdy', 'stylish', 'subtle', 'successful', 'succinct', 'sudden', 'sulky', 'sullen')
nouns = ('confidence', 'daughter', 'degree', 'doctor', 'dot', 'dream', 'duty', 'essay', 'father', 'fee', 'finance', 'hour', 'juice', 'limit', 'luck', 'milk', 'mouth', 'peace', 'pipe', 'seat', 'stable', 'storm', 'substance', 'team', 'trick', 'afternoon', 'pleasure', 'score', 'screw', 'sex', 'shop', 'shower', 'suit', 'tone', 'window', 'agent', 'band', 'block', 'bone', 'calendar', 'cap', 'coat', 'contest', 'corner', 'court', 'cup', 'district', 'door', 'east', 'finger', 'garage', 'guarantee', 'hole', 'hook', 'implement', 'layer', 'lecture', 'lie', 'manner', 'meeting', 'nose', 'parking', 'partner', 'profile', 'respect', 'rice', 'routine', 'schedule', 'swimming', 'telephone', 'tip', 'winter', 'airline', 'bag', 'battle', 'bed', 'bill', 'bother', 'cake', 'code', 'curve', 'designer', 'nail', 'noise', 'occasion', 'package', 'patient', 'pause', 'phrase', 'proof', 'race', 'relief', 'sand', 'sentence', 'shoulder', 'smoke', 'stomach', 'string', 'tourist', 'towel', 'vacation', 'clerk', 'cloud', 'concert', 'counter', 'flower', 'grandfather', 'harm', 'knee', 'lawyer', 'leather', 'load', 'mirror', 'neck', 'pension', 'plate', 'purple', 'ruin', 'ship', 'skirt', 'slice', 'snow', 'specialist', 'stroke', 'switch', 'trash', 'tune', 'zone', 'anger', 'award', 'bid', 'bitter', 'boot', 'bug', 'camp', 'candy', 'carpet', 'cat', 'champion', 'channel', 'clock', 'comfort', 'cow', 'crack', 'engineer', 'entrance', 'fault', 'grass', 'guy', 'hell', 'highlight', 'incident', 'island', 'joke', 'jury', 'leg', 'lip', 'mate', 'motor', 'nerve', 'passage', 'pen', 'pride', 'priest', 'prize', 'promise', 'resident', 'resort', 'ring', 'roof', 'rope', 'sail', 'scheme', 'script', 'sock', 'station', 'toe', 'tower', 'truck', 'witness', 'a', 'you', 'it', 'can', 'will', 'if', 'one', 'many', 'most', 'other', 'use', 'make', 'good', 'look', 'help', 'go', 'great')
first_word, second_word = choice(adjetives), choice(nouns)
first_digit, second_digit = str(randint(0,9)), str(randint(0,9))
username = first_word + second_word + first_digit + second_digit
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