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style p isolated anywhere.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- header content here -->
<section class="jumbotron">
<!-- jumbotron content -->
<section class="someOtherSection">
<!-- some other content -->
.jumbotron p {
/* style your jumbotron here */
.sometOtherSection p{
/* style the other content here */
There are several ways to approach here. you can assign id="uniqueID" to any element and style it isolated.
Or you can add class="someClass" and style the class. No matter what is the selector you choose or the way you pick
it should be really easy to style p inside jumbotron only.
On my personal choice, main sections have unique IDs so i can style specific element inside by using:
#sectionID selector {
stylyng parameters;

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@ckaltenbach904 ckaltenbach904 commented Dec 21, 2018

Hello Diogo,

so basically i did exactly what you told me but it is still the same, but no changes on jumbotron p



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