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Alisson Nunes Alynva

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Alynva / data_structures.h
Last active July 1, 2017 05:14 — forked from sp0oks/data_structures.h
Abstract data types library for C++
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/*My personal project of a library that includes different types of template container structures.
Basically a rework of C++'s STL.
It is an open source project and so if you feel like contributing to it(testing, fixing and/or adding new stuff) just send me an
email with the subject "data structures gist contribution" listing what you did or want to do and I'll have it added with due
credit (just check my profile for the email address).
Biblioteca criada para o uso de diferentes tipos abstratos de dados dinâmicos,
partindo do conceito de listas encadeadas para posterior reuso em projetos.
Alynva / index.js
Created August 29, 2020 13:26 — forked from talk2MeGooseman/index.js
Firebase Cloud Function 3rd Party Oauth Flow For The Web
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const functions = require('firebase-functions');
var admin = require("firebase-admin");
const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
const crypto = require('crypto');
var serviceAccount = require("./service-account.json");
const APP_NAME = "twitch-playground";
credential: admin.credential.cert(serviceAccount),
Alynva / gist:00dd85a3a13e4fcb9bea3b1f0e7ac142
Created August 23, 2021 18:55 — forked from eighteyes/gist:04c43b6e7c18d8591f2060d75f5aa68f
NodeJS : Spawn STDIN / STDOUT messaging to node process inside a Docker container
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// This is the outside in approach, where the parent process is not within Docker, but the child lives in a docker image.
var externalNodeProcess = require('child_process').spawn('docker', [
'-a', 'stdin', '-a', 'stdout', '-a','stderr',
], {
stdio: ['pipe', 'pipe', 'pipe']
Alynva / build.js
Created August 27, 2021 21:00 — forked from si458/build.js
build script for pkg with icon and metainfo
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if (process.argv[2] == undefined) process.exit(0);
if (process.argv[2] == "") process.exit(0);
const { pkg_fetch_version, node_version, pkg_cache_path, icon, version, description, company, name, copyright, file } = require(`./${process.argv[2]}.json`);
const ResEdit = require('resedit');
const { DownloaderHelper } = require('node-downloader-helper');
const path = require("path");
const fs = require('fs');
process.env['PKG_CACHE_PATH'] = path.join(__dirname, pkg_cache_path);
const pkg_fetch = path.join(process.env['PKG_CACHE_PATH'], `v${pkg_fetch_version}`);
const fetched = path.join(pkg_fetch, `fetched-v${node_version}-win-x64`);